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May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers is a 2017 feature-length documentary that presents an intimate and profoundly insightful look into the lives of the acclaimed folk-rock music band, The Avett Brothers. The group, which is led by brothers Scott and Seth Avett, has been praised not only for their heartfelt songs, but also for their enduring dedication to honesty and authenticity. The film, which delves deeply into their personal and professional journeys, is directed by renowned comedic minds Judd Apatow and Michael Bonfiglio.

The documentary follows the Avett Brothers as they craft their 2016 album, "True Sadness." The film offers an enchanting blend of in-studio footage, intimate interviews, live performances, and quiet scenes of the brothers' domestic lives. While much of the music world is characterized by explosive pressure and high-paced activity, May It Last depicts a different path. Over the course of more than two hours, we get an up-close look at the brothers' creative process, their unwavering brotherly bond, and their commitment to their craft amid the whirl of fame.

The Avett Brothers, known for their deeply authentic lyrics and dynamic performances, are showcased in multiple intimate moments throughout this music documentary—the jam sessions in the studio, the organic brainstorming of a new song, and the playful banter that underlines their familial bond. However, the heartbeat of May It Last flows from the Avett Brothers themselves. Scott and Seth Avett are captivating, not just because of their musical talents, but also due to their clear, familiar bond and general affability.

One of the major aspects of the documentary is the creation process of the band's ninth studio album, 'True Sadness.' The joy, the emotional strain, and the creative clashes that go into crafting an album are all laid out for the audience to behold. The directors manage to show these intense moments without compromising the authenticity of the on-stage magic that the band is known for. This attention to detail helps to underscore just how unique The Avett Brothers’ dynamic really is.

The film also delves into their past and their personal lives. From the brothers' upbringing on a North Carolina farm to their early love for music, we are presented with the influences and experiences that shaped their sensitivity and determination. With thoughtful interviews from the Avett family, including their father, sister, and wives, we get glimpses into their upbringing and how it has molded their music and their relationships.

Apatow and Bonfiglio do a commendable job at capturing the spirit of The Avett Brothers, seamlessly weaving between the band's homespun charm and their dedication to their craft. The directors also strike a balance between capturing the celebratory exhilaration of their live concerts and the quieter moments of reflection, making "May It Last: A Portrait of The Avett Brothers" a memorable obsession for music documentary lovers.

Yet, the film stands out not just as a tribute to their musical prowess but, significantly, as a study of brotherhood itself. The complexity of the brothers' dynamic - marked by competition, synergy, and undeniable love - takes center stage. Their relationship tests the boundaries of brotherhood and partnership, offering reflections on the virtues of family, sorrow, and joy.

Perhaps the most poignant aspect of the film is its ability to capture the grit and dedication that powers the Avett Brothers. Amid the ever-present pressures of the music industry, the ups and downs of fame, personal struggles and the grueling process of song-writing, the brothers persist - a testament to their indomitable passion and love for their music.

Overall, May It Last serves to not only document the life and times of The Avett Brothers, but it also shines a light on their heartfelt authenticity. The movie shows us that, in an often tumultuous industry, there remain artists who are genuinely committed to their cause, their craft, and to each other. This understanding creates a universal appeal beyond just those familiar with the band's music - making it a compelling watch for any lover of music, brotherhood, and the human condition.

May It Last: A Portrait Of the Avett Brothers is a Music, Documentary movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 104 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly positive reviews, with an IMDb score of 8.3..

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