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Madame is a charming rom-com drama that was released in 2017. It was written and directed by Amanda Sthers. The movie is set in Paris, the city of lights, which adds to its charm, elegance, and aura. The film boasts an ensemble cast, including Toni Collette, Harvey Keitel, and Rossy de Palma.

Harvey Keitel plays the character of Bob Fredericks, a wealthy American businessman who resides in a classy mansion in Paris. His wife, Anne Fredericks, portrayed by the ever-enchanting Toni Collette, is adept at playing his comfortable, well-to-do, socialite partner. Although they have lived a seemingly perfect life of wealth, love, and class, they are facing troubling times.

Life for the wealthy couple takes a sudden turn when Anne arranges a dinner party that aims to impress their high society friends. Being superstitious, Anne insists to ensure thirteen guests do not sit at the dinner table to avoid bad luck. On the spur of the moment, she asks Maria, her reliable and trustworthy maid, played by the captivating Rossy de Palma, to act as a mystery Spanish noblewoman who is visiting them.

Maria, an obedient employee, agrees to join the dinner reluctantly. This sparks a hilarious and dramatic chain of unforeseen events when she catches the eye of a British art broker, David Morgan, played by Michael Smiley. Maria feels extremely out of place and overwhelmed initially but gradually embraces the situation.

The friendship between David and Maria evolves over the night and leaves a lasting impression on him. Enthralled by Maria's simplicity and the enigma behind her supposed nobility, David is captivated by her charm. This newfound attention and affection lead both to an unexpected romantic escapade.

Back at the Fredericks household, the presence of a new woman and her romantic entanglement with David becomes a hot topic. The couple, who were initially amused by the situation, frantically try to keep the truth hidden from their sophisticated society. Anne, in particular, is horrified about the scandal their maid's secret relationship might cause.

Anne's vain efforts to keep Maria on a leash become more desperate as Maria begins to enjoy the freedom and taste of high society. In turn, Maria starts experiencing the pleasures and complexities of upper-class life and love while straddling between her life as a housemaid.

Madame is a beautiful blend of comedy, drama, intrigue, deceit, and the whirlwind that follows when two diametrically opposite worlds collide. The film is vibrant and colorful, with a rich display of upper-class Parisian life, elegantly decorated mansions, lush gardens, and luxurious gatherings. It spins a tale of love, ambition, and societal pressures that govern life in high society.

All the actors have performed brilliantly, but it's Rossy De Palma who steals the show with her magnificent performance. Maria is a character that is so richly woven that you can't help but root for her to overcome the hurdles that come her way and find the happiness she earnestly seeks. Toni Collette and Harvey Keitel, along with the supporting cast members, add depth and nuance to their performances, making the movie an enjoyable and engrossing experience.

The film, with its delightful mix of romance, comedy, and drama, is a heartfelt exploration of love and class told through an unexpected relationship. Madame will keep you engaged and entertained until its credit rolls, making for an intriguing watch.

Listing love, life, romance, and societal constraints as its primary themes, Madame provides a contemporary take on the traditional Cinderella story. It delves deeply into the nuances of society, love, and how they intersect and interact, making it a compelling viewing experience. The movie is a testament to the versatility and depth of its cast and a tale masterfully woven by its skilled director and screenwriter. Madame is a one-of-a-kind film that surprises, delights, and engages its audience with its compelling narrative, turning it into a true cinematic treat.

Madame is a Romance, Comedy, Drama movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 90 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1. It also holds a MetaScore of 45.

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