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Love's Complicated is a romantic comedy movie released in 2016. The film was directed by Jerry Ciccoritti and written by Sib Ventress. The movie stars Holly Marie Combs, Ben Bass, and Corbin Bernsen.

The movie tells the story of Leah Townsend, a successful writer who has been unlucky in love. Leah has a strict set of rules for the men she dates, which she believes will help her find the perfect partner. However, things get complicated when she meets Ryan, an easy-going guy who doesn't fit her criteria.

Leah is on a book promotion tour when she meets Ryan, who works for the book publisher. Ryan is a free-spirited guy who is always up for trying new things. Despite their initial differences, they hit it off and decide to give a relationship a try.

However, Leah's strict dating rules come back to haunt her. She is convinced that Ryan is not the right partner for her and tries to end the relationship. Ryan, on the other hand, is determined to win Leah's heart and prove that he is the right guy for her.

As Leah and Ryan navigate their relationship, they face several obstacles that test their love for each other. Leah's ex-boyfriend, James, is still in the picture and is not ready to let her move on. Ryan's work requires him to travel a lot, making it difficult for him and Leah to spend time together.

Leah's relationship with her parents also comes into play. Her father, Jack, is a famous writer and is not happy with Leah's career choice. He constantly puts her down and belittles her achievements, which affects her self-confidence. Meanwhile, her mother, Karen, is supportive but wants Leah to settle down and start a family.

Throughout the movie, Leah and Ryan must learn to compromise and support each other. Love's Complicated is a classic romantic comedy that explores the ups and downs of relationships.

The film's cast of Holly Marie Combs, Ben Bass, and Corbin Bernsen deliver captivating performances that bring the characters to life. Holly Marie Combs perfectly portrays Leah as a strong, intelligent woman who is struggling to find the right partner. Ben Bass is charming as Ryan, and Corbin Bernsen delivers a solid performance as Leah's father.

The movie's plot is well-written and will keep you engaged from start to finish. The film's pacing is well-balanced, and the characters' growth is well-developed. The story offers valuable lessons about the importance of compromise, communication, and support in relationships.

In conclusion, Love's Complicated is an enjoyable romantic comedy that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. The movie explores the complexities of relationships and offers valuable lessons about love and life. The film's cast, writing, and pacing come together to create a wonderfully entertaining experience.

Love's Complicated is a Romance, Comedy, TV Movie movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of 84. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.4..

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