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Love Sick: Secrets of a Sex Addict is a gripping romantic drama from 2008 that explores the strain that addiction can bring to a person's life. Directed by Grant Harvey and written by Daryn Tufts, this movie follows the story of a young woman named Charlotte (Sally Pressman) who struggles with addiction to sex.

The story begins with an introduction to Charlotte's life, a bright and successful journalist who is engaged to her college sweetheart, Rob (Peter Flemming). However, her addiction to sex remains a secret that she keeps from everyone, including her fiancé. Despite her best efforts to control her addiction, Charlotte finds herself constantly drawn to anonymous sexual encounters with strangers in dangerous locations.

Although she tries to hide her addiction, Charlotte's behavior eventually catches up with her, causing her to lose her job and bring her relationship with Rob to the brink of collapse. Desperate to regain control of her life, Charlotte joins a support group for sex addicts run by a compassionate counselor named Max (Roger Haskett). Max's guidance helps Charlotte come to terms with her addiction and the underlying emotional issues that drive it.

As Charlotte begins to make progress in her recovery, she must confront the ramifications of her addiction on her relationships with her family, friends, and fiancé. Her addiction to sex has caused her to become distant from her family and put her engagement in jeopardy. Rob is understandably hurt and distant, and Charlotte must work hard to regain his trust and rebuild their relationship.

Despite the challenges she faces, Charlotte manages to stay committed to her recovery, and her strength and perseverance inspire those around her to do the same. Love Sick portrays the complexity of addiction and the difficulties in coming to terms with it, but ultimately serves as a hopeful reminder that change and healing are possible.

The film is characterized by strong performances from its cast, particularly Sally Pressman, who brings a raw vulnerability to her portrayal of Charlotte. The chemistry between Peter Flemming and Pressman is also palpable, highlighting the emotional depth of their characters' relationship.

Love Sick also features beautifully shot scenes that convey the emotional intensity of the story. The moody lighting and tight shots in Charlotte's sexual encounters with strangers help to convey the danger and desperation that underlie her addiction. In contrast, the brightly lit and open scenes in her interactions with Max and Rob emphasize the courage and vulnerability required to confront her addiction and rebuild her relationships.

The film's score is another notable aspect, with hauntingly beautiful compositions that add power and depth to the story. The music helps to convey the complex and often confusing emotions that Charlotte experiences as she struggles with her addiction, and serves as a resonant soundtrack to the film's moving moments.

Overall, Love Sick: Secrets of a Sex Addict is a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant film that explores the complex nature of addiction and the difficulties in overcoming it. With strong performances, beautiful cinematography, and a poignant score, this movie is an excellent portrayal of the hope and healing that can come from confronting one's deepest struggles.

Love Sick: Secrets of a Sex Addict is a TV Movie, Drama movie released in 2008. It has a runtime of 89 min. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.6..

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