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Look, a 2007 drama-thriller film, is a daring exploration of privacy in the digital age. Directed by Adam Rifkin, the movie is shot entirely from the perspective of surveillance cameras. This daring approach makes for a film that is not just unique but also thought-provoking. The film follows several interconnected storylines taking place in a modern-day city. The characters are recurring, and their stories are woven together to create a web of events that culminate in a shocking conclusion. Each character is being monitored, either by their workplace, their school, or their own personal security system. The film opens with an intro that instructs viewers to watch the movie as if they are exploring the world through the eyes of a surveillance camera. Indeed, the movie is broken up into short scenes which serve as snapshots of what is happening in the city. These scenes may only last a few seconds, illustrating the quick cuts that a security camera might make when triggered to record. One storyline follows Sherri (Spencer Redford), a high school student who is being stalked by her gym teacher. He has installed a hidden camera in the changing room where she and other girls change for gym class. While Sherri is unaware of the camera's existence, the rest of the school faculty knows about it and turns a blind eye, believing that the teacher is doing it for the safety of the students. Another storyline follows a convenience store clerk (Rhys Coiro) who is robbed at gunpoint by a meth addict (Hayes MacArthur). He tries to hand over the money in his cash register, but the addict orders him to open the safe in the back. The clerk pretends to comply, but he actually unlocks an adjacent room, closes the door, and hides behind it. There he begins to watch the thief through a surveillance camera as he attempts to open the safe. Meanwhile, in another part of the city, a married man (Jamie McShane) visits a prostitute, only to discover that she has planted a hidden camera in the room, and she is recording their encounter. She then tells him that she needs money and threatens to send the video to his wife if he doesn't comply with her demands. Throughout the movie, we see glimpses of the characters' lives and their interactions but always from the perspective of the camera. The camera is omnipresent, capturing everything that happens - both good and bad. We see people going about their daily lives, but we also see them cheating, lying, stealing, and committing other illegal activities. The use of surveillance cameras as the film's primary lens is not just an engaging element of the movie, but it also raises the question of whether surveillance is justifiable. While some people believe that surveillance promotes safety, others argue that it invades privacy and can be used for unethical purposes. Look manages to show both sides of the argument without being preachy or judgmental. In conclusion, Look is an unconventional film that explores the ramifications of constant surveillance in a modern society. It displays a unique editing style, and its intelligent storytelling will leave viewers intrigued and wanting more. What makes the film so captivating is that it is not just a story of interconnected lives, but rather, it raises fundamental questions about personal privacy in the age of massive data gathering. Overall a great movie and a must-watch for those who enjoy unconventional storytelling.

Look is a Thriller movie released in 2007. It has a runtime of 98 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6. It also holds a MetaScore of 50.

Adam Rifkin
Rachel Vacca, Sebastian Feldman, Rhys Coiro, Jennifer Fontaine, Heather Hogan
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