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Lolo is an enchanting comedy-drama that premiered in 2015, directed by and starring the highly talented French-American actress Julie Delpy, along with the French actors Dany Boon and Vincent Lacoste.

Set primarily in Paris, this lighthearted and entertaining piece that straddles the line between romantic comedy and family drama centers around the life of an urbane Parisian woman, Violette (portrayed by Delpy). Violette is a successful yet perpetually single 40-something fashion director facing the labyrinthine hurdles of the Parisian dating scene. She is a woman who carries a somber past of an unsuccessful marriage and a solitary present of demanding work which leaves little room for romance. Yet, she is a doting single mother to her 20-year-old son, Lolo (Lacoste), setting the stage for a complex mother-son relationship that becomes the heart of the film's narrative.

During a vacation in Biarritz with her best friend, Violette's romantic life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Jean-Rene (Boon), a modest and heartfelt IT geek. He is a stark contrast to Violette's former lovers, offering her the promise of a steady, low-drama, and caring relationship. Swept up in the whirlwind of holiday romance, Violette soon finds herself inviting Jean-Rene to live with her and Lolo in Paris, a decision that sets off a comedic wave of events and challenges.

As Jean-Rene moves to the sophisticated metropolis and tries to fit into Violette’s fast-paced world, dealing with her snobbish friends, her demanding job, and worst of all, her ornery son Lolo, his patience, wit, and sanity are seriously tested. While the humble IT professional is genuinely in love with Violette, he struggles to navigate the intricacies of his new life, a situation that is humorously captured through a series of misadventures and misunderstandings which provide the film's humorous backbone.

The charming Lolo, on the other hand, can be aptly described as a coddled 'mama's boy' who is deeply territorial in his relationship with his mother. A budding artist, he stops at nothing to sabotage his mother's new relationship, determined to remain the only man in her life. His clever manipulations and pranks targeted at Jean-Rene add a dash of farcical comedy, bringing chaos and laughter as they threaten to tear Violette's love life apart. This multi-layered character is portrayed brilliantly by Lacoste, who skillfully balances a crafty innocence with a darkly comedic edge.

Lolo lays out a compelling exploration of the dual challenges of single parenting and dating while showing the sharp contrast between cosmopolitan Paris and the provincial charms of Biarritz, augmented by the theme of cultural clashes underpinning the love story itself. The movie questions the idea of an ideal mate and delves into issues of maturity and emotional dependency, conveying the characters' internal dilemmas and external struggles with humor and wit.

The movie is much more than a typical romantic comedy. The plot delves into deeper themes such as familial bonds, emotional manipulation, and the complex dynamics between parent and child. Its visual aesthetic and elegantly composed frames present the narrative in an engaging and captivating manner, imbuing charm to the storytelling. Delpy, the director, has a deep understanding of her characters and displays them with all their imperfections and layers, leading to relatable and entertaining screen moments.

In conclusion, Lolo is a charming, engaging romantic comedy with an unpredictable twist. Lightning quick witticisms and cringe-worthy situations make it an entertaining watch, while the underlying themes of single parenthood and complicated family dynamics add meaningful depth. With an indulgent mix of humor, romance, and a dash of eccentricity, Lolo presents classic themes in a fresh style, giving new touch to the conventional rom-com model. It endorses the belief that love and family are often messy, multifaceted, and at times, incredibly hilarious. It promises to be an engaging and fun watch that doesn’t shy away from presenting the less glamorous side of love and parenting.

Lolo is a Comedy movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of 97 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.7. It also holds a MetaScore of 50.

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