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Live Nude Girls is a film that thrives on the charm, sassiness, and undeniable charisma of its ensemble cast, which includes Dana Delany, Kim Cattrall, and Cynthia Stevenson, among others. Released in 1995, under the brilliant direction of Julianna Lavin (who also serves as the screenwriter), the movie talks about the complex web of female friendship, with all its accompanying laughter, tears, dreams, and disappointments.

The movie presents a different and rather daring perspective on the modern woman living in the 90s, marked by her frank talks about sex, her audacious stance on love and relationships, and her strong camaraderie with her female friends. The storyline navigates around a group of childhood friends who are now grown women with their individual lives and struggles, yet manage to gather for an honest, revealing, and somewhat incendiary girls' night out.

The lead protagonist Georgina (played by Dana Delany) is hosting a sleepover with her oldest childhood friends, including the ravishing Marcy (Kim Cattrall). Unlike their innocent and nonchalant childhood sleepovers, this one is all about their journeys as women, their romantic struggles, suppressed secrets, and heated debates about their lives and lovers.

As the sleepover unfolds, the audience sees many facets of modern women through the characters. Georgina's optimistic yet wavering persona seizes the spotlight. She is the soon to be bride who's having doubts about her upcoming marriage, and each friend has their way of handling this and their advice to offer.

Marcy, played by Kim Cattrall, is a sultry, confident woman who thrives on male attention. Yet behind her attractive exterior, Cattrall succeeds in imparting a certain depth to Marcy, revealing a woman who seeks more than just an adventurous romance.

Cynthia Stevenson as Rita is the romantic soul who has an unshaken belief in true love despite her own shortcomings in the arena. Lavin adds further depth with the introduction of Christina (Laila Robins), a lesbian who has her share of romantic complications, thereby creating a wide array of characters dealing with love, sex, and relationships it their own ways.

The movie's title, "Live Nude Girls," could be misleading initially, with suggestive connotations. However, it's not about girls in a disrobed physicality, but rather about the 'naked' truth of their lives, candid conversations, and confrontations on matters earlier considered taboo or hushed up within the female circuit- be it discussing their sexual gratification, openly yearning for love, or expressing dissatisfaction in their romantic relationships.

This 95-minute film thrives on its dialogues- sharp, quick-witted, and unabashedly honest - each conversation colored by the narrative's signature bawdiness and laced with the candid humor that occasionally jumps into the darker territories. There's an intense honesty in the way these women lay bare their dreams, fears, and stories in front of each other; almost creating a female version of an old boys' club.

Moreover, the use of flashbacks to their younger years smoothly adds to the movie's narrative, connecting the past to their present and showing the transformation in their relationships, desires, and personalities.

Set mostly within the confines of a gorgeous Beverly Hills home, the film's cinematography is well-suited to the intimate nature of the narrative, often zooming into sentimental overshadowed corners of the characters' emotions and lives. The piercingly brilliant soundtrack accompanying the narrative strikes the chords at the right moment, imparting a rhythm to the sometimes chaotic, sometimes messy, but always interesting lives of these women.

It doesn't shy away from leaving viewers with raw, poignant moments that echo within them long after the credits roll. Live Nude Girls is a comedic foray into the heart of female friendship and candid conversations between women about love, sex, and everything in between, tinged with the poignancy of unfiltered emotions and harsh truths.

In summary, Live Nude Girls is a film that delves deep into the complex realm of women's relationships, sexuality, and desires. It’s a story that intrigues by its relatability and strikes a chord with its sincerity and authenticity. It's part comedy, part drama, and thoroughly-modern mid-90s feminist wave perfectly encased in a sleepover full of laughter, tears, wine, and soul-exposing sincerity.

Live Nude Girls is a Comedy movie released in 1995. It has a runtime of 95 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.2..

Julianna Lavin
Dana Delany, Kim Cattrall, Paul Perri
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