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Live Nude Girls Unite! is a humorous and heartwarming documentary directed and co-produced by Julia Query, who also stars in the film. It follows the journey of Query and her fellow strippers - Jane and Siobhan Brooks - as they form a union to fight for their rights and better working conditions in San Francisco's strip clubs.

The movie opens with Query performing her stand-up comedy routine, where she shares personal anecdotes and frustrations about her job as a stripper. She talks about the unfair treatment and low wages she receives, despite the amount of money she earns for the club. After injuring herself during a shift and not receiving adequate care, Query decides that she and her colleagues need to take a stand and unionize.

The film chronicles the group's formation of the first-ever exotic dancers' union, the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) Local 790, and the challenges they face in the process. Query and her fellow strippers receive backlash and threats from their employers, who accuse them of trying to sabotage the club. They also face resistance from some of their colleagues, who fear losing their jobs or having their privacy invaded.

Despite these obstacles, the group persists in their efforts, and the film shows how they organize meetings, protests, and negotiations with the club owners. They also reach out to other dancers in the industry, sharing their story and encouraging them to join the union. The documentary captures the empowering moments of solidarity, as the women come together to fight for their rights and dignity.

What sets this documentary apart from others about the sex industry is the humor and candidness with which it is presented. The film employs a mix of interviews, candid footage, and performance art to tell the story, and it is interspersed with witty commentary from Query and jokes from her stand-up act. The humor adds a lighthearted touch to what would otherwise be a heavy and grim subject. Furthermore, the film does not attempt to sugarcoat the realities faced by strippers, from sexual harassment to the stigmatization of their profession. The women are shown as multidimensional people with insecurities, struggles, and aspirations.

Live Nude Girls Unite! is a fascinating and eye-opening documentary that highlights the importance of collective action and the fight for working-class rights in the sex industry. It shows how marginalized groups can come together and make a difference, even in the face of intimidation and resistance. The film also challenges the popular misconceptions of strippers as airheaded and objectified, instead presenting them as complex individuals with agency and a desire for dignity.

In conclusion, Live Nude Girls Unite! is a must-watch for anyone interested in labor rights, feminist issues, and the sex industry. It is both entertaining and informative, and it leaves a lasting impression of the power of solidarity and activism.

Live Nude Girls Unite! is a Documentary movie released in 2000. It has a runtime of 75 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.4..

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