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Little Fish is a uniquely haunting, romantic science-fiction drama directed by Chad Hartigan and released in 2020. This genre-bending tour-de-force offers an engrossing look at love and memory, merging a deeply intimate relationship story with a chilling dystopian narrative. At the core of Little Fish are performances from Olivia Cooke and Jack O'Connell, alongside notable contributions from Soko and Raul Castillo, who compellingly navigate the complexity and emotion of this poignant tale.

In the movie, the world is facing an unprecedented challenge – an escalating pandemic referred to as the Neuroinflammatory Affliction, a seemingly unstoppable, horribly Alzheimer's-like condition that affects both old and young, leading to severe memory loss and disorientation. Against this backdrop of pervasive fear and uncertainty, we delve into the lives of the film's unlikely heroes, Emma (Olivia Cooke) and Jude (Jack O'Connell), a young couple determined to brave the odds.

Emma, a veterinarian, displays a stoic resolve amid the whispers of the mounting catastrophe. She possesses the unique ability to offer calm and compassion to her clients and their pets, even as the world around them is gripped by this inexplicable memory loss disease. Jack O’Connell plays Jude, a photographer with an easy-going charm that belies the growing fear slowly creeping through the society they inhabit. The chemistry between Cooke and O'Connell is engaging, adding a certain resilience to their relationship despite the daunting circumstances.

The sight of a society falling apart, with memory loss as its most palpable symptom, makes for an interesting backdrop to the vulnerable but enduring love story. Rather than focusing solely on the global crisis, the story remains anchored in Emma and Jude's relationship, their individual fears, and mutual vulnerabilities. It's their resilience and the lengths they reach to preserve their shared love and memories that form the emotional backbone of the movie.

Meanwhile, their friend, the music enthusiast Samantha (Soko), and her partner, musician Ben (Raul Castillo), have to grapple with the terrifying predicity as Ben contracts the virus. Witnessing the devastating effects of the illness on their friends provides Emma and Jude with a chilling glimpse of what may befall them, further underlining their resolve to stick together.

The pandemic uncannily forms a resemblance to the real-world situation that occurred a few months after the film was made. This eeriness brings an additional layer to the cinematic experience. However, Little Fish is ultimately a love story, one that questions how we cherish and remember shared experiences and explores the capacity of love to withstand the most brutal and unforgiving circumstances. Can love persist when memory fails?

The director, Chad Hartigan, has done an incredible job of capturing the crucial nuances of a relationship when tested by circumstances out of their control. The narrative treads precariously along the line of despair and hope, depicting a brutal worldwide issue without entirely drowning out the love story at its heart. The screenplay by Mattson Tomlin does a stellar job of situating poignant human stories amid a global crisis, without overwhelming the viewer.

Cooke and O’Connell's performances are magnificent, both individually and together. Cooke, especially, displays an impressive range of emotions and successfully forms the emotional core of the narrative. O'Connell, with his brooding charm, convincingly portrays a man caught amid love, fear, and vulnerability, determined to uphold the bond he values most.

The production team has done an exceptional job creating a dystopian world that feels eerily familiar yet distant. The editing, pacing, and the heartrending score combine to underscore the film's increasing sense of dread and its romantic heart. Cinematographer Sean McElwee creates a look that feels muted and cold but punctuated by moments of warmth, illustrating the contrasting emotions of the plot.

Altogether, Little Fish is a moving romantic drama situated within a sci-fi scenario, firmly rooted in the real world, and enriched by its performances. It's a contemplative and mournful movie that ponder the lengths to which we will go to preserve our memories and the ones we love. True to its title, the film is a "little story" with a heart that swims against the current of despair, offering a glimmer of hope amid helplessness. Whether you're a fan of romantic dramas or science fiction, Little Fish is a film that simultaneously warms and wrenches your heart with its poignant storytelling and impressive performances.

Little Fish is a Romance, Science Fiction, Drama movie released in 2021. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 71.

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