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Life in Flight is a 2008 movie that depicts a midlife crisis of a successful business executive who realizes his flawed choices and their ill effects on his family. The movie is directed by Tracey Hecht and stars Patrick Wilson, Amy Smart, and David Ilku in the lead roles.

The movie revolves around a successful businessman named Will (Patrick Wilson). Will is a charming and handsome man who has everything a man can ask for: a thriving career, a beautiful wife, and two adorable children. However, despite all his success, Will is going through a midlife crisis where he feels disconnected from his family and is questioning the choices he has made in his life.

One day, while flying to New York for a business meeting, Will meets a beautiful woman named Kate (Amy Smart) who seems to know a lot about him. Kate strikes up a conversation with Will and they share a deep connection. Will is intrigued by her and they spend the entire flight talking and laughing. However, just as things seem to be getting interesting, the plane lands and they part ways.

The encounter with Kate has a profound effect on Will, and he starts questioning the decisions he has made in his life. He starts to realize the importance of his family and the role they play in his life. He decides to work on his marriage and becomes more involved in his children's lives.

As Will spends more time with his family, his wife, and kids, he starts to realize how much he has missed out on. He becomes more present in their lives and tries to make up for lost time. Along the way, Will discovers a few shocking secrets about his wife that could either break their already fragile relationship or give them a chance to start anew.

Throughout the movie, Will's journey is underscored by his conversations with an offbeat flight attendant, Oona, played by David Ilku. Oona challenges Will's perceptions and offers him some much-needed wisdom and insight.

Life in Flight is a heartwarming and poignant movie that portrays the struggles of a successful man, who has everything but is still lonely and unfulfilled. The movie explores themes such as love, loss, and redemption, and shows how important it is to prioritize family over work. Patrick Wilson delivers an exceptional performance as Will, and Amy Smart is perfect as the enigmatic and mysterious Kate. David Ilku's performance as Oona is quirky and engaging, and he brings some much-needed comic relief to the movie.

In conclusion, Life in Flight is a must-watch movie for anyone who has gone through a midlife crisis or is looking to gain some perspective on their life. The movie is well-made, well-acted, and has a compelling and heartwarming story that will touch your heart.

Life in Flight is a Comedy, Drama, Romance movie released in 2007. It has a runtime of 77 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.1..

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