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Lemon, the 2017 film directed by Janicza Bravo, is an unusual and quirky dramedy sprinkled with absurd humor and awkward situations that tread the line between cringe and amusement. The film stars Brett Gelman, Judy Greer, and Inger Tudor, with each character bringing an idiosyncratically unique element to the screenplay.

At the nucleus of this eccentric narrative is Isaac (Brett Gelman), a struggling actor who also works as a drama teacher launching aspiring talents into the entertainment industry. He navigates life with enormous dissatisfaction and a palpable sense of being perpetually let down by the world around him. Isaac's life is filled with stressful auditions met with mediocre success, the constant pressure of managing his eccentric students, his failed personal life, and dealing with a blind, aging pet—all which serve to underline his neurotic and disillusioned demeanor.

Judy Greer plays the role of Ramona, Isaac’s longtime girlfriend. The character becomes the embodiment of Isaac's insecurities as she's visually impaired and in a steady yet toxic relationship with him. Their dynamic weaves subtly into the main plot, offering viewers a glance into the justification behind Isaac's growing cynicism. Still, Greer brings layered emotions to her character, revealing depths of disillusionment, resignation, and longing.

Inger Tudor, in a powerful performance as Cleo, is introduced in the latter part of the film. Cleo is a woman who becomes an unexpected source of relief for the ailing Isaac, providing him with a sense of rejuvenation and hope for better things. However, as their stories intertwine, it appears that Isaac's inherent chaotic energy inevitably influences the course of their relationship, resulting in some hilariously awkward and eye-popping moments.

Bravo’s direction style uses a blend of static and handheld shots, conjuring an odd yet engrossing dynamic surrounding the protagonist’s life journey. She also masterfully contrasts Gelman's depressingly hilarious portrayal of Isaac with his environment's relative normalcy. As a result, the audience is pulled into Isaac's world – a realm comprised equally of absurd comedy and heartbreaking reality.

One of the main forces propelling Lemon is its sardonic humor, which is mostly derived from Isaac’s continuous and often ill-fated attempts to fit into a world that seems to be piling onto his despair. The film doesn't shy away from painting an uncomfortable, cringe-worthy picture with elements of dark comedy and subtle social commentary clashing and merging at unexpected moments.

The supporting cast – including Michael Cera, Gillian Jacobs, Nia Long, and Shiri Appleby – brings a compelling blend of sanity and eccentricity as their lives overlap with Isaac's. Together, their intricate performances provide layers of complexity to the narrative, enhancing the film's essence. In particular, the performances of the students in Isaac’s drama class are noteworthy. They both mirror and amplify Isaac's quiet desperation in ways that are both hilarious and poignant.

The film's backdrop is as intriguing as its characters. It takes us on a journey through unexciting neighborhoods, dilapidated apartments, and hipster-themed parties – all settings that intensified the surreal nature of Isaac's existence. These surroundings act as constant reminders of his underachievement and trapped state, further underscoring his social isolation and emotional turmoil.

Lemon is a weirdly fascinating, funny yet painful look at a man down in the dumps, grappling with a life that seems to be spiraling out of control. The film might not be conventionally approachable or mainstream in its nature, but for anyone willing to imbibe in an odd mixture of eccentricity, misery, and dark humor, it promises to be an intriguing cinematic journey. It's an acquired taste, like the citrus fruit in its title - a bit sour, a little bitter, sometimes sweet, but always memorable.

Lemon is a Drama, Comedy movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 83 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.8. It also holds a MetaScore of 59.

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