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Killer Competition is a thrilling 2020 film that explores the dark sides of ambition, friendship, and competition. Directed by Danny J. Boyle, the film stars Jacqueline Scislowski, Cristine Prosperi, and Kate Watson.

The plot is centered on an annual competition that offers a full-ride scholarship to the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts for the most promising young actress. This prestigious competition is highly sought after, and the participants are willing to do whatever it takes to secure the life-changing opportunity. Jacqueline Scislowski brilliantly portrays the leading character, Hannah, an ambitious, talented, but otherwise unremarkable young actress who sees this competition as her golden ticket for a bright future.

Hannah’s life takes an unexpected turn when her best friend and fellow contestant, Samantha, portrayed by Cristine Prosperi, mysteriously dies. Samantha was considered a shoo-in for the scholarship, but now with her death, everyone's chances suddenly seem equally uncertain. Hannah, reeling from the loss of her dear friend and the sudden shift in competition dynamics, finds herself embroiled in a horrifying reality. She faces the harsh reality of the precariousness of her situation when other competitors start to die off mysteriously as well.

Kate Watson’s character, Detective Harper, enters the narrative as the lead investigator into these mysterious deaths. Harper believes that all the murders point towards an obsessed participant in the competition. As the number of competitors decreases, the surveillance and suspicions grow, creating a tense and charged atmosphere. Hannah and the other contestants begin to question themselves and each other as they confront the terrifying possibility that a killer is among them, stalking them and using deadly methods to secure the prized scholarship.

The tense, high-stakes atmosphere is reflected in the film’s aesthetics and performances. The acting is superb as the young actresses navigate spaces of competition, camaraderie, and rising paranoia. Jacqueline Scislowski particularly stands out, presenting us with a complex character that arouses sympathy, intrigue, and apprehension. Her magnetic performance keeps the audience rooting for her while questioning everyone's motives, creating a gripping suspense.

Cristine Prosperi’s character, Samantha, makes a lasting impact despite her early demise. Samantha’s enigmatic personality and backstory become essential to piecing together the larger narrative, and Prosperi beautifully communicates Samantha's strength, charm, and underlying vulnerability. Kate Watson brings a hard-boiled, no-nonsense dimension to the film as the determined detective.

Killer Competition is a thrilling and suspenseful film, combining elements of drama, mystery, and horror. It paints a chilling picture of the lengths some people may go to achieve their dreams. With its compelling performances, intricate plot, and suspense-filled narrative, Killer Competition provides both an engaging mystery and a thought-provoking commentary on ambition, competition, and survival.

The film's tense atmospheres, the oscillation between everyday rivalry and brutal murder, the uncertainties of allies and enemies, all contribute towards a thrilling cinematic experience that keeps audiences on edge. The film offers a fresh take on the ‘who-done-it’ genre, with the suspects being as frighteningly youthful as they are talented.

The film also artfully deals with emotional themes, exploring how the characters react to their dreams becoming nightmares. The agonizing question of whether your closest friends can also be your most dangerous competitors permeates the narrative. This haunting duality, the line between friend and foe, dream and nightmare, provides a captivating backdrop against which the plot unfurls.

Overall, Killer Competition is a thrilling masterpiece of suspense and intrigue. Its narrative is consumed by a cloud of mystery, revealing piece by piece an increasingly dangerous reality. It combines elements of drama, mystery, and psychological thriller in the unique setting of a high-stakes acting competition, which makes for a delightfully terrifying viewing experience. The suspense is maintained until the very end, keeping viewers guessing as the plot takes unexpected twists and turns. Captivating performances and excellent storytelling mark Killer Competition as a standout film in its genre.

Killer Competition is a Thriller, TV Movie movie released in 2020. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.1..

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