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It's My Party is a powerful drama movie that brings to the forefront some of the thorniest issues regarding life and death decisions, relationships, and love. The movie was released in 1996, directed by Randal Kleiser and starring a host of talented actors including Eric Roberts, Gregory Harrison, Margaret Cho, and Olivia Newton-John.

The story revolves around a 30-something man named Nick Stark, played by Eric Roberts, who discovers that he has contracted HIV and has been given a maximum of two weeks to live. After grappling with the news, he decides to throw a final party and invite all his closest friends and family to bid him farewell.

Nick's decision to host a party raises some tough questions, particularly when it comes to assisted suicide. Some of his friends and loved ones are initially against the party, seeing it as an endorsement of Nick's intention to kill himself. Nick tries to convince them that he is simply making one final gesture of acceptance and gratitude. He also acknowledges that his condition is too advanced for any medical intervention to make a difference, and he prefers to die with dignity.

As news of Nick's party spreads, many of his friends and family members make their way to Los Angeles to join him in his final hours. Among them are his ex-boyfriend Brandon played by Gregory Harrison, his best friend Peter played by Bruce Davison, his mother played by Marlee Matlin, and his therapist played by Lee Grant. Also, in attendance is the no-holds-barred caterer Tex played by Olivia Newton-John, who adds a touch of humor to the otherwise somber movie.

Throughout the party, Nick tries to make peace with those he had hurt in his past, make amends, and leave behind a lasting legacy. He also tries to find a new home for his beloved dog, which he knows will be alone once he's gone. Meanwhile, his guests struggle with their own emotions and beliefs about death, some wanting to hold on to hope while others, like Nick, are ready to let go.

The movie offers a touching exploration of the complexities of the human experience, including life, love, and death, and the choices we make in the face of adversity. It's My Party is a deeply touching movie, and gives an insight into the emotional and spiritual transformations that people go through at the end of their lives.

One of the most notable things about this movie is the performances of the actors, who brought their characters to life so convincingly that it feels like we are sitting in the room with them. Eric Roberts, in particular, gives an outstanding performance as a man struggling to come to terms with his terminal illness, demonstrating Nick's courage, vulnerability, and inner strength.

Despite tackling some heavy subject matter, It's My Party is far from being a depressing movie. Instead, it's a heartfelt celebration of life and all of its contradictions- love and loss, hope and despair, and the everlasting human spirit.

In conclusion, It's My Party is a thought-provoking and poignant movie that explores the complexities of life in a deeply emotional way. The performances of the cast are outstanding, particularly that of Eric Roberts, who drives home the message of selflessness, love, and compassion. The film is a poignant and fitting tribute to those who have suffered from and lost the battle against this dreadful disease. It's a film that will linger in your thoughts long after the credits roll.

It's My Party is a Drama movie released in 1996. It has a runtime of 110 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.1..

Randal Kleiser
Eric Roberts, Margaret Cho, Bruce Davison, Lee Grant, Devon Gummersall, George Segal
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