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Invisible Target is a Hong Kong action film released in 2007 directed by Benny Chan, starring renowned actors Nicholas Tse, Jaycee Chan, and Shawn Yue. The movie skillfully juxtaposes the adrenaline-packed action characteristic of Hong Kong cinema with a deep exploration of the human condition.

The storyline revolves around three law enforcement agents from different backgrounds, each with their personal vendettas and reasons for pursuing justice. The ensemble cast includes Nicholas Tse playing Detective Chan Chun, Shawn Yue as a young and impulsive cop Wai King-ho, and Jaycee Chan as traffic cop Fong Yik-wei. These three leading characters with their disparate personalities and emotional baggage are thrown together in a relentless pursuit of a merciless gang.

This elusive gang led by the ruthless Tien Yeng-seng (played by Wu Jing) is responsible for a high-profile armored van robbery that had several police officers killed and millions in cash stolen. This sets the stage for what unfolds as an explosive cat-and-mouse chase packed with intense martial arts, breathtaking gunfights, and lethal car chases. The trio’s hunt for the criminal gang is more than just about law enforcement. Each of them has their own emotional and personal ties linked to this ruthless gang, making their chase intensely personal and adding gravitas to this tale of action-packed revenge.

As their paths cross, the trio form an unlikely alliance, each with their own driving motives for the pursuit. For Detective Chan Chun, it's a personal vendetta as his fiancee, Ho Yuen-sam, went missing during the robbery, a role compellingly played by actress Elanne Kwong. Wai King-ho is pursuing these criminals to avenge his undercover cop brother, who was brutally murdered by the gang. For the less experienced traffic cop, Fong Yik-wei, it is much more than the adrenaline rush and the desire for justice, as he is also Chan Chun's younger stepbrother with tangled emotional ties.

Director Benny Chan masterfully harnesses the talents of his lead actors, leveraging the subtlety of their emotional performances against the backdrop of explosive, unruly action sequences. The film doesn't shy away from the brutal reality of law enforcement and the grimy underworld of crime in Hong Kong, presenting a raw and brutal grittiness ever-present throughout the storyline.

Invisible Target also offers more than just its thrilling action sequences. The movie takes its time to delve into the personal stories of its characters, allowing the audience to understand their motivations and personal challenges. This layering of complex character dynamics and looming personal tragedies contribute to the narrative depth, setting it apart from being just an average action flick.

The film’s cinematography further accentuates the hard-hitting action scenes. With its fast-paced editing, bold camera movements, and grim coloring, the visuals draw viewers even deeper into the chaotic worlds of both the law enforcers and the criminals they pursue.

Boasting an energizing musical score that matches the pulsating rhythm of the film's action, Invisible Target is a technical and narrative feat. Each car chase, fight scene, and shootout is scored to pitch-perfect precision, emphasizing the high stakes and intense danger at every turn.

Though Invisible Target does deliver the flamboyant fight scenes that are synonymous with Hong Kong action cinema, at its core, the movie paints a memorable portrait of morality, duty, and the steps individuals take in the name of justice. Audiences are invited to reflect on the blurred lines distinguishing good from evil and the intrinsic motivations that drive individuals in this fast-paced, action-packed urban landscape.

Invisible Target is not just a feast for hardcore action fans. It's a visually stunning, engaging, and emotionally resonant film that showcases the power of will, determination, and the relentless pursuit of justice. It is a true testament to the extraordinary cinema of Hong Kong and its ability to produce action-packed thrillers with depth and complexity.

Invisible Target is a Action movie released in 2007. It has a runtime of 129 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.7..

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