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Inside Daisy Clover is a dramatic film from 1965 that delves into the dark side of Hollywood and the toll fame can take on a young person. The movie stars Natalie Wood in the titular role, along with Christopher Plummer and Robert Redford.

The story follows Daisy Clover, a teenage girl living in a small town on the California coast in the 1930s. She dreams of becoming a famous actress and escaping her troubled home life with her abusive, alcoholic mother. One day, she is discovered by a Hollywood agent (played by Plummer) and given a contract with a major studio.

Soon, Daisy finds herself thrust into the world of show business, facing the challenges of auditioning, rehearsing, and performing as she struggles to find her place among the other stars. She also develops a relationship with a young actor, played by Redford, who becomes her friend and confidante.

However, as Daisy's star rises, she begins to realize that fame comes at a cost. She is forced to play roles that go against her morals and values, and she is taken advantage of by those in power. She also discovers secrets about her past that threaten to derail her career and her mental health.

Throughout the film, Wood delivers a powerful performance as Daisy, capturing both her innocence and her vulnerability as she navigates the cutthroat world of Hollywood. Plummer is also compelling as the manipulative agent who sees Daisy as nothing more than a commodity. Redford's character serves as a grounding force for Daisy, though his limited screen time does not allow for much development of the character.

The film explores themes of sexuality, abuse, mental illness, and the corrupt nature of Hollywood. It also portrays the struggles of women in the industry, particularly in the era in which the film is set. Daisy's journey serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of fame and the importance of staying true to oneself.

The movie is set against a backdrop of beautiful California scenery, with the beach and rolling hills serving as a contrasting backdrop to the dark themes of the story. The soundtrack, composed by André Previn, reflects the era in which the film is set and adds to the overall tone of the movie.

Overall, Inside Daisy Clover is a powerful and thought-provoking film that offers a glimpse into the dark side of the entertainment industry. The performances of the three main actors are outstanding, and the themes explored in the movie remain relevant to this day. It is a must-see for anyone interested in classic Hollywood cinema or the effects of fame on young people.

Inside Daisy Clover is a Drama, Music, Romance movie released in 1965. It has a runtime of 128 mins.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1..

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