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In Vitro is a revolutionary and surreal movie released in 2019. Directed by Larissa Sansour and Soren Lind, the film explores complex subjects such as memory, history, identity, and power dynamics within a post-apocalyptic setting. The film stars Hiam Abbass, Maisa Abd Elhadi, and Walaa Eltiti, whose raw emotions and intricate performances blend impeccably with the complex narrative of the story.

The film is set in Bethlehem, which, in Sansour's vision, finds itself submerged due to a disaster of an ecological nature. This becomes the groundwork for an underground city, known as Orchard, built around a massive organically grown fruit tree. The protagonist, Dunia (played by Hiam Abbass), is the ailing founder of this city.

The narrative revolves around two primary characters, Dunia and her younger self, Alia (portrayed by Maisa Abd Elhadi). The setting of their encounter is a sterile, unfamiliar, fully automated clinic that is part of a scientific vision of the future. Their conversations reveal their conflicting views about the past and future of their homeland. Alia grapples with her sense of disconnect and dissociation from a world she has never personally encountered but only heard tales about. Meanwhile, Dunia seeks to preserve the once vibrant orchards of Bethlehem through her subterranean city. By revisiting fragmented memories of a lost world, they both try to find reconciliation.

In Vitro is characterized by its innovative fusion of striking visual aesthetics and poignant storytelling. Sansour uses the spaceship-like clinic as a metaphorical backdrop to evoke the theme of alienation, underscoring the emotional disconnect that the characters feel from their lost homeland. The film uses the sci-fi genre to its advantage, positioning the narrative in a distinctive visual palette that oscillates between pastel blues and sterile whites, creating an otherworldly and eerie atmosphere.

The film delves into universal themes of nostalgia, memory, and belonging, effectively juxtaposing past and present, reality and illusion, while questioning the concept of progress. The character Alia, who has lived her entire life underground, embodies these themes as she attempts to grapple with the collective memory of a past that predates her, crystallized in the living organism of the gigantic tree at the heart of their city.

Hiam Abbass, renowned for her roles in other films like Blade Runner 2049 and The Visitor, delivers a commanding performance as the luminously intelligent Dunia, the aging scientist who is plagued by regret about the world she was forced to abandon. Maisa Abd Elhadi, as Alia, captures the viewers' empathy with her portrayal of a young woman grappling with her identity in a post-apocalyptic world.

In Vitro also incorporates elements of cultural and political commentary, subtly addressing issues such as control and exploitation of resources, environmental consequences, and displacement. Throughout the movie, the audience is invited to ponder on these nuances, which are particularly resonant with contemporary crises.

Featuring superb performances, compelling themes, and captivating visuals, In Vitro is an innovative blend of futuristic dystopia and evocative symbolism. Its unique narrative and poignant storytelling set it apart as a noteworthy addition to the genre. With its engaging depiction of post-apocalyptic survival and the human yearning for connection and remembrance, it offers a thought-provoking cinematic experience to audiences.

Overall, In Vitro brings a fresh and evocative perspective to the science-fiction genre, intertwining elements of drama, existentialism, and cultural commentary through a well-crafted narrative that leaves a lasting impression. Even as it delves into the dystopian future, the film remains anchored to universal human themes and emotions. It is a bold and significant contribution to global cinema, promising to take its viewers on a memorable journey of discovery and contemplation.

In Vitro is a Science Fiction movie released in 2021. It has a runtime of 28 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.7..

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