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I Walked With a Zombie, a 1943 horror classic directed by Jacques Tourneur, presents a striking mix of psychological suspense, voodoo folklore, and melancholic ambiance prevalent in the 1940s horror genre. Produced by the mastermind of horror Val Lewton, it features unforgettable performances from Frances Dee, Tom Conway, and James Ellison.

Riddled with the signature blend of shadowy cinematography and eerily surreal storyline that Lewton made his trademark, I Walked with a Zombie is a cinematic exploration of the psychological terror and uncanny superstition surrounded by the Caribbean folk legends of the living dead - zombies. It's not a spectacularly blood-curdling kind of horror, rather, it seeps into the viewers' nerves through its atmospheric terror and dark uncertainties.

The narrative launches in Canada with a sprightly young nurse, Betsy Connell (Frances Dee), who has just been hired to care for the ailing wife of a Caribbean plantation owner, Paul Holland (Tom Conway). Dee perfectly portrays the empathy, curiosity, and courage necessary for her role. Her evolving character traverses through initial terror to acceptance and commitment, shaping the essence of the movie.

Holland, a figure of tragic despair portrayed convincingly by Conway, lives with the reminiscence of his possibly adulterous wife having fallen mysteriously ill. His despondency is reflected throughout the large, gloomy plantation house in Saint Sebastian: an island immersed in the omens and dreadful whispers of voodoo magic. Tearful renditions of songs echoing the tragic saga of the island’s history, alongside the incessant eerie moan of the sea, accompanied by the devoted calypso singer Sir Lancelot, further intensify the melancholic ambiance.

James Ellison plays Wesley Rand, Holland’s half-brother, entangled in the complex love-hate relationship between the triangle. His struggle with alcoholism, guilt, and affection contribute to the escalating tension.

The mysterious ailment of Jessica Holland (Christine Gordon), Paul's wife and Wesley's ex-beloved, is an enigmatic entrancement. Walking in a ghostly trance, unable to talk or express feelings, her condition brings a taste of chilling horror and sharpens Betsy's determination to cure her, even if it means exploring the frightening world of voodoo rituals and the walking dead.

The movie thrives upon the tension between science and superstition, a realistic depiction of life and ethereal dreams. It subtly delves into the cultural mystery of Caribbean folklore, projecting an intensifying terror without relying on the grotesque or sensational. The beauty of the island contrasted with the petrifying tales of the undead creates a chilling atmosphere where viewers can't resist but walk along.

One evocative aspect of the movie’s storytelling lies in its in-depth metaphorical portrayal of the impacts of slavery, establishing an intricate connection with the island’s ominous past. The torment of the enslaved is mirrored in the face of living death, the terror that engulfs the island locals and the Holland household, all underpinning the fervent theme of human suffering and sorrow.

Director Tourneur’s masterful handling of intense themes combined with shadowy black and white cinematography by J. Roy Hunt adds texture to I Walked with a Zombie. Rozsa's striking music score resonates with the narrative's haunting dread. The brilliant screenplay by Curt Siodmak and Ardel Wray exhibits splashes of creativity executed with gripping suspense, engaging dialogues, and well-rounded characters maintaining the pace and enhancing the narrative.

In true Lewtonian style, I Walked with a Zombie isn't about gruesome murders or grotesque creatures. It deals with the inexplicable terror of the unknown, the dread of something lurking in the shadows, and the personal horrors that people carry within themselves. Immersed in a poetic profundity of horror, the film offers an eloquent exploration of a world where fear is as palpable as the mysterious wind that rustles through the island's sugar cane fields.

Finally, I Walked with a Zombie is remembered not simply as a horror movie but an uncanny classic that boldly interleaves cultural horror with psychological tragedy, capable of sending chills down the audience's spine using its atmospheric and lingering dread. It’s an enduring testament to the power of psychological horror, a must-watch for those looking to experience the profound depths of the genre.

I Walked with a Zombie is a Drama, Fantasy, Horror movie released in 1943. It has a runtime of 69 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.0..

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