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How to Die in Oregon is a poignant, eye-opening documentary that delves into the sensitive issue of medical decisions at the end-of-life. Directed by Peter Richardson and bearing a soulful narrative from Cody Curtis, the film follows the contentious topic of Death with Dignity Act in Oregon. Introduced in 1994, Oregon became the first state in America to implement the law, granting terminally ill patients the right to end their lives through self-administered medications. Richardson expertly weaves together real-life stories portraying both the physical and psychological ordeal that terminally ill patients endure and how they, and their families, navigate their limited days with grace, humor, and emotional intensity.

The film spotlights several crucial figures that add depth to the narrative. One of them is terminally ill patient Cody Curtis, whose battle with terminal liver cancer is the film's emotional core. The movie does not shy from showing Cody's vulnerability and courage as she decides to use the law to die in her own terms. Her journey underpins the complexity of the subject matter, and Richardson presents both her physical struggles and emotional dimensions vividly. Cody emerges as a symbol of grace and bravery, carrying on a mundane everyday life amid her impending mortality, and her interactions form some of the most touching moments in the film.

In addition to Curtis, the film provides key insights through interviews with physicians, family members and others who have been touched by this debate in some form. Anchoring the story is the narration by Harry Bruton, whose sensitive storytelling makes the narrative more engaging. The decision on when to use the law unfolds in the examination room discussions between Cody and her physician, carrying out, against all odds, everyday activities, delightful family moments and celebrations, and finally, the peaceful and solemn moments leading up to her death.

Weaving through these personal stories are insightful interviews with doctors like Dr. Katherine Morris, who grapples with her role in assisting patients to die, and interviews with advocacy groups on both sides of the argument, presenting well-rounded facets of the issue. Ray Carnay is another subject in the film, an old radio announcer with terminal cancer, also dealing with the decision of using the Death with Dignity Act and lending a further dimension to the film's depiction of the law and its implications.

As a documentary, How to Die in Oregon does not merely take a detached, academic exploration of the topic of assisted dying, but it plunges headlong into the deeply emotional and polarising arguments behind the issue, thus rendering a human face to the discourse of death, dying, and personal rights.

Through stirring visuals, artful direction, and compelling storytelling, the film provides a window into the psyche of those who, caught between physical agony and the desire to live, decide to exercise their right to die with dignity. The stories enfold in contrasting tones of suffering, hope, despair, and acceptance. The film cements its place as a profound discourse on death, allowing viewers to reflect on the fleeting nature of life itself.

However, Richardson's masterstroke is not just in his compassionate storytelling, but also in his silent argument for the right to die with dignity. This legislation is not projected as a heartless and bleak solution, but as a compassionate alternative that allows terminally-ill individuals the option to depart in peace and on their own terms.

Balanced but striking, the film manages to communicate the facts about the Death with Dignity law and its effects on actual people. It navigates the complex world of end-of-life decisions with grace and empathy, offering a mirror to society about the pain, dignity, choice and freedom that exist in the most challenging corners of human life. How To Die In Oregon is a thought-provoking, riveting, and heartrending reflection of euthanasia and a powerful tribute to the lives it chronicles.

How to Die in Oregon is a Documentary movie released in 2011. It has a runtime of 107 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly positive reviews, with an IMDb score of 8.2..

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