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In the heartwarming family film "Honey Girls", released in 2021, embark on an exciting musical journey packed with passion, dreams, and the essence of friendship. The movie is brought to life by a talented ensemble cast featuring Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, and actor Ashanti, alongside budding actress Ava Grace and gifted singer Aliyah Mastin. This unique fusion of talent ensures an emotionally charged journey sprinkled with stirring melodies which resonate long after the credits roll.

"Honey Girls" centers around three very distinct girls, united by their shared love for music. First we meet Katie, portrayed convincingly by Ava Grace, who is an introvert at heart and very unsure of herself. Speech and debate are her comfort zones, but her secret passion is music. The fun-loving Bella, brought to life by Ashanti, is the complete opposite of Katie. She is eternally upbeat, optimistic, and always ready to explore new horizons. Completing the trio is the talented and ambitious Rene, played by Aliyah Mastin, who has always loved singing and takes her musical ambitions very seriously; music isn't just a hobby for her, it’s her life.

The serendipitous meeting of these three very different girls at the Honeybee Music and Arts Festival forms the fulcrum of the story. They find themselves competing against each other for a lucrative recording contract. It's their collective reverence for music that helps them recognize they share a lot more in common than they initially realized. Instead of focusing on their differences and competition against each other, they decide to join forces, forming their own group - The Honey Girls.

"Honey Girls" paints a vivid portrayal of the challenges and triumphs that stem from chasing a shared dream. It’s not just about the highs of being on stage and captivating the audience with their harmonious voices; it delves deeper, revealing the pressures behind the scenes - the early mornings, the late nights, the rehearsals, as well as the struggles to keep balanced under the growing demands of the music industry. Hurdles and misunderstandings threaten to tear the budding group apart, but the bond they share proves stronger than any challenge they face.

As their journey unfolds, the girls learn that it's not the glamour or the fame that matters most, but community, friendship, and being true to oneself. The friendships they form with each other, and the impact those relationships have on their own lives, evolve into the heart and soul of this film. Each character undergoes her individual transformation, coming to terms with her insecurities, evolving her resilience, and discovering her unique voice.

Punctuated by a selection of pop tunes that are reminiscent of the 2010s girl-power anthems, "Honey Girls" offers a spirited and heartfelt soundtrack which encapsulates the film's messages of empowerment, self-belief, and unity. The music in the film is more than a background element - each song serves as an emotional narration that underscores vital turning points and revelations in the storyline.

The direction keeps the pace engaging, while the cinematography provides a vibrant backdrop that captures the energy and fervor of the music industry. The performances of the lead actresses deserve a special mention, each one effortlessly embodying their complex character profiles. Ashanti, Ava Grace, and Aliyah Mastin shine individually and sparkle together, beautifully encapsulating the essence of the endearing bond among the Honey Girls.

In essence, "Honey Girls" is a delightful blend of music, friendship, and personal growth that resonates with audience across age groups. Whether you're a music enthusiast, a fan of Ashanti, or someone looking for an inspiring tale of friendship and determination, "Honey Girls" is more than equipped to hit the right chords and leave you smiling and singing along.

Honey Girls is a Drama, Music movie released in 2021. It has a runtime of 90 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.9..

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