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Holiday Hearts is a heartwarming holiday film released in 2019 and produced by Hallmark. The film stars Ashley Williams, Paul Campbell and a youthful Payton Lepinski, and is a seasonally festive watch for individuals of all ages.

Ashley Williams, who has cemented a reputation in the holiday movie genre, plays the likable Pebble Mistletoe. Williams brings an innate warmth and charm to each role she portrays, allowing viewers to feel connected to her characters on a deep and compassionate level. It's no surprise that she is the leading lady in this Christmas classic, offering audiences an enjoyable viewing experience filled with cheer and affirmative holiday happenings.

Paul Campbell, known for his incredible talent in breathing life into characters on screen, stars alongside Williams as the charismatic Bennett Truett. Their on-screen chemistry is palpable and watchable, driving the film from the opening scenes to the ending credits with a lot of heartfelt moments in between.

One must not forget the delightful Payton Lepinski, who plays the absolutely endearing Liv Truett, Bennett’s daughter. Lepinski's acting prowess is quite outstanding for such a young actress, showing her vast potential for success in her future career.

Holiday Hearts is a pleasingly old-fashioned affair, embodying all of the components of a classic holiday movie: cozy settings, Christmastime festivities, and a sense of unity and companionship that is synonymous with the season. In this case, the magic of Christmas brings together Pebble and Bennett, two long-time friends who lost touch over the years, in an interesting small-town setting. The film authentically captures the spirit and charm of small-town life, enriched by a dynamic supporting cast that contributes to the community vibe.

Elements of romance intricately weave through the narrative without overtaking the primary focus of the film - the importance of compassion, community, and of course, holiday cheer. The budding chemistry between Pebble and Bennett doesn't overshadow the importance of the relationships they both have with Liv. Rather, it’s used as a backdrop to the greater narrative about healing, love, and the importance of community during the festive season.

The story unfolds over the Christmas period, adding layers of festive charm and holiday spirit that Hallmark films are known for. Decorated Christmas trees, ice skating, holiday baking, and town celebrations all contribute to painting the perfect backdrop for this holiday season extravaganza. Audiences get to enjoy what feels like a truly personalized, insider view of a town’s preparation for the season’s delights.

What makes the movie particularly noteworthy is its focus on the holiday season as a time of transformation and new beginnings, a common theme in a lot of Hallmark productions. Through unexpected turns of events, the characters encounter pivotal moments that propel them into new directions, challenging them to look deep within themselves and rise to the occasion.

The magic of the season, the power of past relationships, and the potential for future happiness unite over the course of the story. From the ornately decorated town streets to the cozy interiors full of holiday cheer, every scene is designed to engender a feel-good factor that lingers on long after the movie is over.

In terms of the performances, it is beautiful to witness the rapport that the lead cast builds amongst themselves. Whether it’s the gradual building romance between Pebble and Bennett, or the sweet daughter-father interactions between Liv and Bennett, or the heartwarming bond between Liv and Pebble, each relationship in the film is sensitively portrayed.

Holiday Hearts undoubtedly extends the tradition of Hallmark channel’s lineup of holiday movies, breathing new life into the classic themes of love, family, and joy that are quintessentially reflective of the season. As the story unfolds, viewers may find themselves not just invested in the unfolding drama, but also reflecting on their own relationships, the importance of compassion, and realizing the true magic of the holiday season.

All in all, Holiday Hearts is a refreshing holiday film that extends well beyond the traditional romance-oriented storyline, making it a worthwhile addition to anyone's holiday movie marathon list. Highly recommended for those who fancy a blend of holiday magic with a dash of romance, half a cup of friendships, and a generous sprinkle of community spirit.

Holiday Hearts is a Romance, TV Movie movie released in 2019. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.5..

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