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Released in 1985, "Head Office" is a satirical comedy-drama film that depicts the convoluted and farcical world of corporate America in a lighthearted and brilliant manner. Featuring the talented cast of Judge Reinhold, Eddie Albert, and Lori-Nan Engler, this film is known for its compelling humor, sharp wit, and daring take on the trading world.

Directed by Ken Finkleman, "Head Office" serves as a fun-filled yet insightful commentary inspired by the workplaces of corporate Wall Street of the mid-1980s. The movie is based around the life of its main character, Jack Issel, played by Judge Reinhold. Jack is a charismatic yet slightly naive young professional who finds himself rapidly climbing the corporate ladder of the mega-corporation, INC International. Portrayed as a middle-class son of a tire-salesman, Jack gets chosen as the vice president in charge of ‘product placement’ and finds himself in the whirlwind of white-collar manipulation, greed, and political machinations. Jack’s sudden and unexpected thrust into the apex levels of corporate hierarchy forms the crux of the story.

Eddie Albert, cast in the role of the eccentric and unpredictable CEO Pete Helmes, delivers a memorable performance. He appears to take an irrational liking to Jack, even though his decision-making process can seem quite baffling most of the time. Lori-Nan Engler contributes to the film's charm as Jane Caldwell, a sultry lobbyist who uses her influence for the corporation's benefit. Throughout the film, her character directly gets involved in the operation of the INC International, contributing to spinning the tale of intrigue and corporate comedy.

Alongside the major characters, "Head Office" boasts a strong array of supporting cast that includes Richard Masur and Michael O'Donoghue. Their characters highlight the ludicrous aspects of a corporate behemoth’s day-to-day operation. The film is populated with a variety of eccentric characters that brilliantly represent different stereotypes found within the corporate culture.

"Head Office" presents several instances that highlight corporate America’s potential pyrrhic victories and capricious power play politics. The film depicts the seemingly limitless power of corporations, exhibiting traits of capitalism through humor. From board meetings filled with incomprehensible jargon, exorbitant corporate retreats to backdoor lobbying, "Head Office" manages to capture the essence of the decade’s corporate culture and distil it in an amusing and relatable manner. The movie also sheds light on the often-disconnected executives of large corporations, who make far-reaching decisions with little personal risk or responsibility.

Director Ken Finkleman’s profound understanding of the corporate world resonance in the plot’s execution. Known for his impressive storytelling skill, Finkleman serves up many comedic gems skewering the corporate 80's - from zenith to nadir. The dialogues are sharp and witty, matching the overdramatized corporate culture vibe. Visual elements also stir up the comedic side further, showing office conflicts and satirical displays of power.

The movie features moments of romance too, as Jack endeavors to understand and navigate his personal and professional life. The chemistry between the characters is well-portrayed, and their interactions are both lively and entertaining. Romance, with a dash of corporate intrigue, provides a splendid backdrop to the movie's satirical theme and contributes much to the plot dynamics.

Moreover, Finkleman does an excellent job of keeping his viewers engaged with numerous plot twists, making the movie an intriguing watch. The film strategically uses absurdity to create situations where comedy seamlessly intersects with the harsh realities of life inside a corporation.

In summation, "Head Office" is a film that will leave fans of both comedy and drama entertained. This gem from the 1980s addresses serious topics about capitalism, white-collar ethics, and corporate mentality with a healthy dose of satire and laugh-out-loud gags. Its brilliant execution and compelling storytelling make it a highly enjoyable movie. Whether you're in the corporate world or merely an observer, "Head Office" is an entertaining sneak peek into the world of boardroom politics and maneuvers, with a comedic twist. It represents a satirical and exaggerated vision of a world where the lust for power, success, and wealth overshadow everything else.

Head Office is a TV Movie, Comedy movie released in 1986. It has a runtime of 90 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 31.

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