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Flap is a 1970 comedy-drama film starring Anthony Quinn, Claude Akins, and Tony Bill. The movie follows the life of Flapping Eagle, a Native American Indian who returns to his hometown in Oklahoma after serving in the military. Flap, as he is called by friends and family, wishes to help his tribe fight against the government corruption and exploitation that they face, but he quickly finds that he is not taken seriously.

The drama begins when Flap arrives back in town and immediately tries to connect with his people. However, he quickly realizes that they are not interested in him or his views, which causes him to feel like an outsider in his own community. Flap's old friend, Sam, tries to convince him that he should not bother with his tribe's issues, but Flap is determined to make a difference. He sets about trying to educate his people about their rights, but his efforts are met with skepticism and rejection.

Flap's struggles with his tribe are soon complicated by his marriage to Dorothy, a beautiful but troubled woman. The relationship is full of tension and fights, and it seems as though their marriage is doomed from the start. In the meanwhile, Flap tries to make ends meet by working as a handyman for a local store owner. He also takes on a job as a hall monitor at the local high school, which gives him the opportunity to get to know some of the young people in the town.

As Flap continues to work to earn the respect of his people, he becomes increasingly conflicted about his life's purpose. He is torn between his desire to help his tribe and his growing sense of disillusionment with them. Meanwhile, tensions continue to escalate between Flap and the corrupt government official who is exploiting the local Native Americans for his own gain.

The movie culminates in a showdown between Flap and the government official, which has far-reaching implications for the tribe's future. The final scene is both poignant and powerful, as Flap is forced to confront his own limitations and ultimately come to terms with his place in the world.

Overall, Flap is a thought-provoking and engaging drama that explores themes of identity, community, and social justice. The film is anchored by strong performances from its lead actors and a compelling script that effectively captures the struggles of its protagonist. While the film may be somewhat dated in its portrayal of Native American culture, it remains an important and impactful work that continues to resonate with audiences today.

Flap is a Comedy, Drama, Western movie released in 1971. It has a runtime of 106. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.7..

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