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Faraway, So Close! is a masterfully woven 1993 sequel to Wim Wenders' iconic 1987 film "Wings of Desire". This German film, subtitled in English, is a revelatory exploration of poignant themes including existentialism, remorse, and hope amidst despair. Embodying some of the most memorable performances of Otto Sander, Peter Falk, and Bruno Ganz, the movie underlines intricacies of human life and our interactions with the unseen world.

The narrative is driven by the eccentric but charismatic character of an angel, played flawlessly by Otto Sander. He is situated in divided Berlin, watching over its residents, just as in the prequel. His longing for experiences uniquely and quintessentially human provokes him to forsake his angelic existence and brave the joys, sorrows, triumphs, and defeats of human life. The change of perspective achieves two objectives: it shows us the life blossoming amidst dilapidated buildings and stricken lives, and establishes a parallel thought-provoking exposition on the human condition from the lens of an intrigued outsider.

Peter Falk, previously noticed in "Wings of Desire," returns with a fresh take. He plays himself in this movie - a Hollywood actor shooting a movie in Berlin. His unique presence provides a compelling dimension to the plot, coupled with his unwavering knack for sparking elements of intrigue. He becomes a vital character, especially for Sander's character, who seeks understanding and guidance in his new human existence.

Revisiting his role from the predecessor movie, Bruno Ganz puts forth an exceptional performance. His character now stands as a human no longer in angelic form, adding depth, continuity, and fluidity to the storyline.

The film is also punctuated by poetically beautiful visuals of post-wall Berlin in the 1990s, presenting a stark contrast between the ethereal and the mundane. Wenders' creative genius leaves no stone unturned in revealing the city's stark realities and hidden vibrancies. The camera angles, panoramic views, and cinematic aesthetics enhance the narrative, ultimately expressing the parallels and disconnect between humans and heavenly entities.

Adding to the grandeur are the eclectic musical scores, featuring a mix of opera, rock, and traditional German songs. The soundtrack fits the film like a glove, adding emotional weight while also driving home Wenders' message. Artists like U2 and Nick Cave have contributed to the film, making for a unique blend of aural delight.

Faraway, So Close! is as much a philosophical journey as it is a dramatic narrative. Its ubiquitous existential commentary revolving around abstract concepts such as time, existence, and the beauty of life as a human is enlightening. There are layers of philosophical and psychological interpretations that provide ample mental fodder for the audience. The movie beautifully illustrates what it means to be human, with all its attendant joys, sorrows, regrets, and hopes. It goes beyond the realm of traditional cinema and delves deep into the psyche of its nuanced characters, ultimately bridging the gap between the ordinary and extraordinary.

While it is true that understanding and fully appreciating Faraway, So Close! might require a viewing of "Wings of Desire," it should not discourage potential viewers. Moreover, the sequel carries its own weight through phenomenal acting, intelligent scripting, and impeccable direction. It invites us to perceive life with an altered perspective, encouraging us to embrace the beauty, even in the mundane.

Overall, Faraway, So Close! is a delicate blend of fantasy and realism. Dipped in the ink of profundity, this cinematic masterpiece incorporates all genres simmered into one - drama, tragedy, comedy, and romance. It's a film that provides more than mere entertainment; it invites introspection and empathy. Wim Wenders showcases a proof of his directorial prowess, making this film a definite must-watch for viewers who appreciate cinema that challenges, touches, and transforms.

Faraway, So Close! is a Drama, Fantasy movie released in 1993. It has a runtime of 144 min. (German), 140 min. (U.S.). Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.2..

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