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Enchanted Island is a stunning romantic adventure film released in 1958 featuring Dana Andrews as the lead actor. Directed by Allan Dwan, this movie takes place in a paradise island, Maniapana, which is located in the South Pacific. The film follows the story of two sailors who, after being shipwrecked, struggle to find a way to escape the island. It's a classic story of isolation and survival, with a unique twist that captures the viewer's attention.

The sailboat is captained by a wealthy businessman, Jonathan Rutherford (Dana Andrews), who is looking for adventure and a new business opportunity. His friend, Tony Marvin (Don Dubbins), accompanies him on the journey, acting as the crew. Along the way, they find a young woman, Mimi (Jane Powell), who has been shipwrecked while traveling to join her fiancé.

The three of them are stranded on Maniapana, which they soon discover is an enchanted island. They quickly realize that life on the island is not as bad as they thought it would be, as they have access to fresh water from a nearby waterfall, a variety of fruits, and the beautiful scenery. However, the drive to escape and return to their former lives is always present.

Jonathan and Tony begin to create a plan for escape while Mimi is more interested in exploring the island and learning about the culture of the native inhabitants. She soon meets a handsome young native named Tenga (Ted de Corsia) and, despite their initial linguistic and cultural differences, they fall in love. Tenga teaches Mimi the island's culture and traditions, and she gradually adapts to his way of life.

As time goes by, the sailors become frustrated with their lack of progress in finding a way off the island. Jonathan becomes more focused on leaving, and their developing anger and desperation slowly threaten their friendship. Meanwhile, Mimi's relationship with Tenga is also tested when he discovers that her fiancé is still alive.

What sets Enchanted Island apart from other stranded-on-an-island movies is the inclusion of fantasy elements that bring a magical feel to the story. The island is believed to be enchanted by the native inhabitants, and the sailors soon realize that there are many unexplained elements to the island. The film also uses elements of the South Pacific's culture, such as native songs and dances, to add to the mystical atmosphere of the movie.

Overall, Enchanted Island is a well-made movie with stunning scenery and an engaging storyline. The actors' performances are convincing, particularly Jane Powell as Mimi and Dana Andrews as Jonathan. The film offers a satisfying blend of adventure and romance, with an undercurrent of mysticism that makes the story unique. Despite its release decades ago, Enchanted Island still holds up as a classic example of a movie with a heartwarming and memorable story.

Enchanted Island is a Adventure, Drama movie released in 1958. It has a runtime of 93 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.8..

Allan Dwan
Dana Andrews, Jane Powell, Don Dubbins
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