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Directed by Peter Yates and released in 1985, Eleni is a compelling and profoundly moving film adapted from Nicholas Gage's bestselling memoir. The movie stars gifted actors like Kate Nelligan, John Malkovich, and Linda Hunt, whose performances breathe life into the characters they portray, making the narrative vividly realistic.

The story is a plunging dive into the depths of human resilience, heartbreak, and undying love. It paints an absorbing portrait of a mother's sacrifice during a time of great political turmoil, underlining the universal theme known as the power of familial bonds.

Kate Nelligan takes on the formidable role of Eleni, a valiant Greek mother on a mission to protect her family during the throes of the Greek Civil War. Nelligan injects the character of Eleni with strength, courage, and a sense of sheer determination, portraying a mother who goes to extraordinary lengths to protect her children. Throughout the film, despite the turmoil around her, Eleni remains devoted to her objective, embodying the power and purpose a mother's love can bring.

John Malkovich plays Nicholas Gage, Eleni's son, an investigative journalist who returns as an adult to his Greek birthplace to better understand the tragic events that unfolded during his childhood. Malkovich delivers a performance that resonates with viewers. His character's quest to unearth the past reveals a man grappling with the turmoil of untapped emotions and the search for justice. The character arcs of Eleni and Nicholas fluidly intertwine, providing the audience a panoramic view of their shared journey and emotional evolution amidst their respective turmoils.

Linda Hunt, another Oscar-winning veteran, brings another layer of depth to the tale with her portrayal of Katina, who provides impactful support to Eleni’s character in a dynamic that anchors the ongoing narrative.

Director Peter Yates adopts an effective non-linear storytelling method, utilizing a series of intense flashbacks to depict Eleni's struggle. This narrative technique conveys a sense of shifting perspectives that add to the movie’s depth, allowing moments of painful discovery to mirror the characters’ emotional states.

The film is not only a personal journey of the individuals involved but also an insightful exploration of historical events. The backdrop of the violent Greek civil war and its effect on ordinary lives fuels the narrative's urgency and accentuates the human drama.

The cinematography of Eleni adds a beautiful yet harsh reality to the visual storytelling. The contrast between the picturesque Greek landscapes and the harsh political and social environment expands the narrative beyond its characters and into the wider world, inducing a context that plays as much a part in the narrative as the characters themselves.

Moreover, the film is heightened by its masterful original score, composed by the renowned Bruce Smeaton, which provides an emotional undercurrent to the visual narrative. It encapsulates the essence of the characters' emotions, enriching the overall movie experience.

The movie's achievement lies in its raw portrayal of war-torn Greek life, the resilience of a mother’s love, the journey towards reconciling with a traumatic past, and seeking justice. The performances are powerful, the direction is tight, and the narrative is profound – making it a stimulating experience for its audience.

In all, Eleni is a deeply evocative film. Its allure lies less in detailing the daily horrors of war and more in illuminating the internal battle fought by its characters. It is a film about discovery: of oneself, of family history, and of societal and political realities that shape personal narratives in unforeseen ways. It's a testament to the resilience of the human spirit against the backdrop of wartime atrocities and depravities. This unforgettable film leaves viewers reflecting on the lengths one will go to in the name of love, the pursuit of truth, justice, and personal redemption.

Eleni is a Drama, History movie released in 1985. It has a runtime of 114 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.9..

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