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Anthony Edwards and Forest Whitaker headline in the 1990 comedy action film, Downtown. Helmed by filmmaker Richard Benjamin, the film also features Penelope Ann Miller in a supporting role. Downtown spins an engaging narrative that victoriously marries action and comedy, immersing viewers into the action-packed, sometimes hilarious life of an unlikely cop duo.

The movie opens up with the introduction of Alex Kearney (Anthony Edwards), a by-the-book suburban cop who lives in the serene town of Arcadia. Edwards graces us with an earnest performance as Kearney, a humble, almost naive man, who likes to play by the rules. He is a stark contrast to your typical hard-boiled city cop. Unlike other portrayals of cops in movies, Kearney doesn't have a tough exterior and doesn't carry any hidden trauma; he's just a regular guy who genuinely believes in the principles of law enforcement.

The story kicks off when Kearney gets entangled in a conspiracy that extends beyond the borders of his peaceful town. Kearney's life takes a drastic turn when he pulls over a speeder, who happens to be a notorious criminal connected to powerful figures in Downtown, Philadelphia.

The pivotal moment leads Kearney to cross paths with seasoned downtown cop Dennis Curren, played by the charismatic Forest Whitaker. Curren emanates city wisdom that's as gritty as the streets they're tasked to patrol. Their partnership, as reluctant as it may be at first, forms the heart of the movie. Whitaker blends seriousness, street-smart style, and a subtle sense of humor to create a character that's rough around the edges, capable of handling the city's chaos in ways that Kearney could only dream of.

The accomplished and bright Penelope Ann Miller, known for her versatile roles, plays the female lead. As Lori Mitchell, the lead clerk for the Downtown police, she brightens up the scenes with her dynamic presence. Lori forms the ideal thread that intertwines the lives of the lead characters, serving as both a source of support and a romantic interest. Miller's portrayal of Lori enriches the film, adding emotional depth and a romantic undercurrent that compliments the plot's action and comic elements.

As one would expect, Downtown Philadelphia proves to be drastically different from Kearney's peaceful Arcadian abode. The bustling metropolis riddled with crime, corruption, and chaos becomes the backdrop where Kearney must adjust to his new reality. The stark, sometimes humorous, differences between city life and suburban life are captured beautifully, providing plenty of comedic relief and sharp social commentaries.

The film charts Kearney and Curren's journey as they stumble upon a network of corruption and conflicts, often leading to misunderstandings and humorous misadventures. The duo must put their differences aside, adapt, and unite to uncover the truth and serve justice. The film is marked by a host of chase sequences, action shots, and plot twists, keeping the audience engaged throughout.

Downtown is a charming combination of thrilling action elements, tasteful comedy, and just a dash of romance. Its plot may seem straightforward, but its brilliance lies in the chemistry between the characters and their relatable struggles, set against a wildly chaotic downtown setting. Richard Benjamin cleverly uses this narrative to point out the disparities between city and suburban life, adding a layer of social commentary.

The film greatly benefits from its cast's strong performances, notably Edwards, Whitaker, and Miller, who bring to life the nuances of their characters in the most delightful manner possible. Anthony Edwards, known for his role in popular medical drama ER, shines as the film's hardworking, earnest lead. Forest Whitaker, with his seasoned acting chops, provides an excellent foil for Edwards, helping to drive home the contrast between their two characters - one who epitomizes the calm and peaceful suburban life, and the other who symbolizes the rough and ready environment of the big city.

Downtown, though essentially a well-executed action-comedy, goes the extra mile to showcase the stark contrast between the tranquil suburbs and crime-ridden city life, adding an extra layer depth and meaning. The movie is sure to provide entertainment with a blend of thrills, laughter, and a thought-provoking narrative. A film that is sure to have viewers on the edge of their seats, Downtown is a must-see for those who love action-packed comedies peppered with a bit of romance and real-life insights.

Downtown is a Action, Comedy movie released in 1990. It has a runtime of 91 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.7..

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