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Donnybrook is a 2018 American drama-thriller film written for the screen and directed by Tim Sutton. The film features a talented assembly of performers which includes Michael Agee, Adam Bartley, and Jamie Bell, with Bell taking the lead role as Jarhead Earl. The film also features James Badge Dale and Frank Grillo in instrumental roles.

The film is a bleak but compelling exploration of the darkest sides of Americana that tells a grim tale of despair, desperation, and survival in America's underbelly. Based on the novel of the same name by Frank Bill, its plot centers around three driving characters: a struggling former marine, a dangerous drug dealer, and a corrupt cop.

Lead character Jarhead Earl, portrayed by Jamie Bell, is a former marine trapped in a desperate situation. Suffering from the economic downfall, he lives in poverty with his two young children, struggling to make ends meet. A war veteran, Earl is a manifestation of broken American dreams and misplaced patriotism. As a desperate man trying to secure a better future for his family, he does what he can, gradually being mere steps ahead of the hardships which chase them.

On the other hand, sociopathic drug dealer Chainsaw Angus, played by Frank Grillo, and his sister Delia (portrayed by Margaret Qualley), embody a form of lawless, ruthless, and brutal lifestyle that is a stark contrast to the core of the war veteran's own dignity and humanity.

Rounding up the cadre of main characters is Whalen, a corrupt police officer portrayed by James Badge Dale. His morally ambiguous character adds another layer of grime to the already desolate landscape.

The film draws its title from an illegal, bare-knuckle brawl known as the "Donnybrook" - a brutal, no-holds-barred cage match that offers a cash prize of $100,000. Seeing it as his only shot to escape this cycle of poverty and provide a better life for his family, Earl decides to enter this deadly contest.

As Earl prepares himself for the impending fight of his life, both Chainsaw Angus and Whalen are entwined in his journey in ways that challenge his sense of morality, justice, and survival. The lawless wilderness that Sutton explores is terrifyingly relevant and he paints a raw picture of the harsh realities of a forgotten America.

The film's strength lies in the balance of its deeply rooted characters, harsh environment, and a grim narrative. The characters of Donnybrook are not just fighting to win a primal contest but are battling their own inner demons in the face of a ruthless world. Their stories of survival are underscored by a futile sense of violence born of desperation and the desire to escape, resulting in an unsettling but realistic portrayal of life on the margins of society.

The film also engages with potent thematic discussions of poverty, drug addiction, and the crushed American dream. Donnybrook does not shy away from questioning the cost of desperation, the weight of moral choices in search of survival, and ultimately, the very nature of humanity itself.

Performances are commendable across the board. Jamie Bell steals the show with a raw and compelling performance, presenting a man thrust into a world where he must fight with everything he has to survive. Frank Grillo as Chainsaw Angus also dishes out a chilling performance. Just as noteworthy are the performances turned in by Margaret Qualley as Delia and James Badge Dale as Whalen.

Sutton's direction and the cinematography by David Ungaro deserve mention for their hauntingly beautiful compositions amidst despair and gloom. The film showcases a loom of visual melancholy that goes hand-in-hand with the heavy gloom that pervades the narrative. The desolated Midwest landscapes captured illustrate the grim socioeconomic realities the characters are entrenched in.

On the whole, Donnybrook is a brutal, unflinching depiction of a side of American society that many choose to overlook. It's an exploration that demands a strong stomach and an open mind, delving deep into the grim darkness of a forgotten segment of society. Though it may seem brooding and bleak, the film is also a commentary on resilience and survival against the odds, stirring a raw, gritty realism that is both disturbing and thought-provoking.

Donnybrook is a Drama, Crime movie released in 2019. It has a runtime of 101 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 53.

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