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Delivered is a pulse-pounding thriller from 2020 that plays upon themes of psychological manipulation, endurance, and the fight for survival. The movie stars Natalie Paul, Tina Majorino, and Michael Cassidy, providing gripping performances that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Director Emma Tammi beautifully guides the narrative in an enigmatic yet captivating fashion. The protagonist of the movie is Val, a hard-working, soon-to-be mother, portrayed excellently by Natalie Paul. Val’s story is human at its core, dealing with the universally relatable fears and challenges of pending parenthood. But her world rapidly turns upside down when crossed paths with Jenny, an alleged helper and a charismatic new friend, yet enigmatic and testing. Tina Majorino has impeccably brought the character of Jenny alive, a character you might love to hate, shrouded in suspense and mystery, stealing the limelight in several parts of the movie. Michael Cassidy is another pivotal character, Tom, who is Val’s loving and supportive husband, wrestling with past inner demons. Cassidy's performance in the role of Tom brings a nuanced approach to the psychological depth of this horror thriller. Throughout the movie, his mounting fear and anxiety about his missing wife are instilled impeccably in the viewers. Set in a quiet Californian suburbs, the movie showcases the events that unfold in an intriguing fashion, keeping the audience engaged and invested. Apart from a gripping story, the spectacular cinematography significantly contributes to setting the movie's mood. The shots, colors, and frames help intensify the uneasiness, suspense, and unpredictability coursing through the storyline. Delivered is essentially a home invasion thriller, spinning a web of suspense around the characters. The progression of events is pure cinematic genius where drama unfolds subtly yet effectively. Every twist and turn is carefully placed to progressively engage and shock the spectators. The movie also injects realism into its storytelling. The portrayal of Val as a regular woman pushed to her limits by terrifying circumstances creates a connection with the audience. The tension tends to run high throughout the movie with tight storytelling packed with layers of psychological intrigue. The movie gives life to the fearful narrative with the help of an adept soundtrack that intensifies the situations, adding depth to the story. The impact of energetic rhythms and haunting notes cannot be overstated, greatly multiplying the chills and thrills at key moments. Delivered boasts a talented cast and effectively focuses on creating a creepy and haunting scenario in suburbia. Multiple elements such as the paranoia surrounding child-birth, betrayal, manipulation, and the basic human instinct of protecting one's own make this film a gripping viewing. Alongside the captivating script and performances, Delivered's strength also lies in its unpredictability. The offbeat narrative choices that the film takes the viewer through are periodically disturbing and unpredictable. This provides for an entertaining and intriguing movie from start till the end. Delivered serves as a dark exploration of the human psyche, personal fears, manipulation, and one’s threshold for horror. The movie takes the viewer through a spiral of tension-filled scenes, anxiety-inducing sequences, and unexpected plot twists, culminating in a nail-biting climax. Delivered stands strong as more than just a thriller. Alongside the intense, heart-pounding events that keep viewers on the edge, the movie establishes a smart and frightening examination of trust, deception, and survival, exploring the extent one would go to protect their loved ones. The film an excellent choice for those who crave an engaging and suspense-packed psychological thriller. Overall, Delivered serves as a raw and intense experience providing the perfect mix of suspense, thrill, and drama. This 2020 thriller delicately balances fear-inducing atmospheric tension, psychological mind games, and plot-based ambiguity to deliver a chilling narrative that's sure to make for a memorable viewing experience. With its unpredictability and the actors' lively performances, Delivered can easily be put on the must-watch list of suspense-thriller movie lovers.

Delivered is a Horror, Thriller, TV Movie movie released in 2020. It has a runtime of 80 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.4..

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Where can I stream Delivered movie online? Delivered is available to watch and stream at Hulu Plus.

Emma Tammi
Natalie Paul, Tina Majorino, Michael Cassidy
Horror, Thriller, TV Movie
Also directed by Emma Tammi
Also starring Tina Majorino
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