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Dean Spanley, directed by Toa Fraser and adapted from the 1936 novel 'My Talks with Dean Spanley' by Lord Dunsany, is a quaint, heartwarming dramedy released in 2008. The movie features an ensemble of respected actors such as Jeremy Northam, Sam Neill, Bryan Brown and iconic British actor Peter O'Toole. The film masterfully weaves an exploratory tale of family bonds, the rigidity of the Victorian age, unprocessed grief, and uniquely, the idea of reincarnation.

The plot revolves around a sombre London-based solicitor, Henslowe Fisk (played by Jeremy Northam), and his ageing, hardened father, Horatio Fisk (Peter O'Toole) who shares a strained and emotionally distant relationship with his son. Threaded into the deep tapestry of the Victorian era, their sombreness is the result of the loss of a beloved son and brother which impacted their lives severely. Their attempts to understand each other and mend their broken bond forms the emotional undercurrent of the film.

Throughout the narrative, the idea of 'Thursday visits' becomes a recurrent theme. These visits are ritualistic encounters between the father and son, carried out with emotional restraint embedding the Victorian ethos. However, their mundane routine takes a turn during one visit to a lecture on reincarnation, propelling them into a peculiar yet fascinating friendship with Dean Spanley (Sam Neill), the local cleric.

Spanley is introduced as a man with an insatiable fondness for the rare Hungarian wine, 'Tokay.' The character is rather aloof at first, living a life wrapped in his ecclesiastical duties until he eventually reveals to possess an enchanting charisma. The mystery and intrigue surrounding Dean Spanley heighten when he, under the influence of Tokay, begins to recall past memories that seemingly hint towards reincarnation. His vivid and often whimsical recollections of what appears to be a past life provides a healthy dose of humour and mystique.

The plot goes ahead to rope in the ebullient character of Wrather (Bryan Brown), who is a Colonial swindler. His entrance ramps up the intrigue and the storyline takes an even more interesting turn with his engagement in the curious pursuit of Dean’s eccentric past. His interactions with the Fisks and Dean Spanley add to the film's endearing collection of memorable moments.

The film is expertly handled - each character is fleshed out beautifully with their quirks, vulnerabilities and conflicted emotions. Jeremy Northam's portrayal of Henslowe is especially moving as he captures the empathy and emotional turmoil of his character convincingly. Peter O'Toole, with his innate theatrical prowess, brilliantly embodies the stoic, grieving father. Sam Neill gives a standout performance as Dean Spanley, imbuing his curious character with warmth, charm and idiosyncratic gusto. Bryan Brown too, with his lively presence and spark, adds an irresistible energy to this thoughtful narrative.

One of the striking aspects of Dean Spanley is the film's convincing exploration of the intriguing idea of reincarnation. It manages to handle this complex theme with delicacy, humour and surprising delicacy without resorting to heavy-handed spiritualism or forced sentimentality.

More than just a movie about recalling past lives, Dean Spanley is a poignant tale of human connections and shared grief. It captures how certain bonds, once strained, can be mended and how severe grief can give birth to new perceptions about life and beyond. The movie manages to subtly draw parallels between human and animal empathy, providing a refreshing perspective on companionship and loyalty.

Overall, Dean Spanley is an enjoyable, heartwarming watch that evokes a range of emotions in its audience. It seamlessly blends comedy with emotional depth, and fantasy with stark reality, supported by superb performances and an extremely well-knit narrative. The movie reveals that it is more than just an exploration of reincarnation. It is a touching tribute to familial bonds, a study of grief, and a commendation of the loyalty and companionship that pets provide.

Dean Spanley is an absolute must-watch for those who appreciate cinema characterised by its depth, warmth and originality, allowing its audience to ruminate long after the movie ends. It is undoubtedly a hidden gem of British cinema that deserves much more recognition than it typically receives. Regardless of your belief in reincarnation, this movie’s charm is guaranteed to win you over.

Dean Spanley is a Comedy, Drama movie released in 2008. It has a runtime of 100 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.2..

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