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Deadlier Than the Male is a British crime action film from 1967 that follows the journey of private detective Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond, played by Richard Johnson. The plot centers around Drummond's efforts to uncover the truth behind a series of murders that leads him to a group of deadly female assassins. Along the way, he teams up with the beautiful and cunning Irma Eckman, played by Elke Sommer, and the fierce and seductive Penelope, played by Sylva Koscina.

The film opens with a daring assassination carried out by the women, who use their feminine charm and lethal skills to get close to their targets before striking. Bulldog Drummond is summoned to investigate these deaths, which have caused panic among the wealthy and influential members of society. While initially skeptical of the existence of a female assassin team known as the "Cobra Club," Drummond soon finds himself embroiled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse as he seeks to bring them to justice.

In his investigation, Drummond tracks down a string of suspects who may have ties to the Cobra Club, including a sinister billionaire businessman, a wealthy former spy, and even a beautiful Greek heiress. Along the way, he encounters Irma Eckman, a mysterious and alluring woman who seems to have her own agenda when it comes to discovering the truth about the assassins. Despite their initial animosity towards each other, the two eventually form an alliance and work together to uncover the secrets behind the Cobra Club.

As the plot unfolds, we learn more about the Cobra Club and their motivations for carrying out the assassinations. Led by the ruthless and devious Lola Pagola, the women are driven not only by money but also by a desire to seek vengeance against the men who have wronged them in the past. As their true identities are revealed, Drummond and Irma find themselves in a race against time to stop the women before they can carry out their final, deadly mission.

Deadlier Than the Male is a stylish and thrilling crime caper that blends elements of espionage, action, and suspense to great effect. The film's colorful locations, exotic cast of characters, and exciting set-pieces all add to the sense of adventure and danger that permeates throughout. Richard Johnson delivers a strong performance as Bulldog Drummond, bringing a wry wit and cocky charm to his portrayal of the detective. Elke Sommer is equally impressive as Irma Eckman, bringing a sultry and sophisticated presence to her role as Drummond's reluctant partner.

Sylva Koscina is also a standout as Penelope, exuding a fierce and seductive energy that makes her seem just as deadly as the assassins she's chasing. The film also features several memorable supporting performances, including Nigel Green as the mysterious and enigmatic Carl Petersen, and Suzanna Leigh as the beautiful and tragic heiress Helga Brandt.

In conclusion, Deadlier Than the Male is a classic British crime film that remains thrilling and entertaining to this day. With its mix of action, suspense, and intrigue, it's easy to see why the film has become a cult favorite over the years. Whether you're a fan of classic crime films or simply looking for an exciting and stylish adventure, Deadlier Than the Male is well worth checking out.

Deadlier Than the Male is a Action, Comedy, Thriller movie released in 1967. It has a runtime of 98 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.2..

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