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Date Movie is a romantic comedy film released in 2006. It stars Alyson Hannigan, Adam Campbell, and Fred Willard, among others. The movie is directed by Aaron Seltzer and produced by Jason Friedberg, known for their work in the Scary Movie franchise.

The story of Date Movie revolves around Julia Jones (Alyson Hannigan), a young woman who dreams of finding true love after watching too many romantic comedies. However, her weight limits her chances of finding a boyfriend. She meets Grant Fonckyerdoder (Adam Campbell), a handsome and wealthy man, who falls for her. They start dating, and Julia wants to impress Grant by meeting his family.

Grant's family is characterized by a pack of eccentrics, including a mother who is obsessed with Oprah Winfrey, a grandmother who is a stripper, and a brother who is in love with his pet cat. The family members are not impressed with Julia, and she gets into awkward situations trying to win them over.

Date Movie parodies many well-known romantic comedies, including Bridget Jones's Diary, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and The Wedding Planner. The movie also makes fun of some popular TV shows such as MTV's Cribs and reality dating shows like The Bachelor.

As the plot progresses, Grant's ex-girlfriend arrives, sparking jealousy in Julia. She decides to change herself by going on a crash diet and adopting a new persona as a sexy Latina, complete with a new accent and tango dances. However, Grant is not impressed by the transformed Julia, and they break up.

Date Movie is a silly and fun movie filled with slapstick humor, sight gags, and mocking of romantic-comedy tropes. It is not meant to be taken seriously, and the movie is at its best when it makes fun of itself. The movie's humor is often raunchy, with jokes about bodily functions, obesity, and sex.

Alyson Hannigan's performance is one of the highlights of the movie, bringing her comedic timing from her previous work in the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the American Pie movies. Adam Campbell is a good foil for Hannigan, and the pair shares some genuinely funny moments together. Fred Willard is also amusing as Grant's father, who is more interested in watching sports than his family.

Date Movie received mixed reviews from critics upon its release. Some critics found the jokes funny and enjoyable, while others criticized the movie for being too shallow and relying too much on stereotypes. The movie was a commercial success, grossing over $84 million worldwide.

In conclusion, Date Movie is a light-hearted parody of romantic comedies that will appeal to fans of the genre. The movie is full of laughs, and the cast's performances are enjoyable. However, the humor is not for everyone as some may find it juvenile or offensive. It is a great movie to watch with friends when you want to be entertained but not think too hard.

Date Movie is a Comedy, Romance movie released in 2006. It has a runtime of 83 min. Critics and viewers have rated it poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 2.8. It also holds a MetaScore of 11.

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