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Da Hip Hop Witch is a mockumentary-style horror-comedy that was released in 2000. The movie was directed by Dale Resteghini and starred several popular hip hop artists of the time, including Eminem, Ja Rule, Pras Michel, and Vanilla Ice. The movie is centered around a mysterious figure named The Hip Hop Witch, who is said to be terrorizing rappers in various cities across the United States.

The movie begins with a faux news report about the recent murders of several rappers, including Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. A group of rappers have teamed up to track down The Hip Hop Witch, whom they believe is responsible for the murders. The group is led by a "hip hop journalist" named Julio (played by Resteghini), who is investigating the murders and documenting the group's journey.

As the group travels across the country, they encounter a series of strange and eerie occurrences, all allegedly linked to the Hip Hop Witch. While some members of the group remain skeptical, others become more and more convinced that the witch is real, as they encounter bizarre characters and unexplainable events.

Throughout the movie, the group interviews various people who claim to have had encounters with the Hip Hop Witch, including a stagehand who says he was pushed off of a platform during a concert, and a rapper who claims to have been chased down the street by the witch on a broomstick. The group also receives taunting messages from the witch, who leaves cryptic notes and messages on their car and in their hotel rooms.

Along the way, the group encounters several hip hop stars who are suspected of being the Hip Hop Witch, including Eminem, Ja Rule, Pras Michel, and Vanilla Ice. Each time the group confronts one of these stars, they deny being the witch and offer up their own theories about who the real culprit might be.

Despite the movie's comedic tone, it does have some genuinely creepy moments. The cinematography is moody and atmospheric, with plenty of dimly-lit streets and abandoned buildings. The Hip Hop Witch herself is never shown onscreen, but her presence is felt throughout the movie, through the eerie messages she leaves for the group and the strange occurrences they witness.

Overall, Da Hip Hop Witch is a silly, campy movie that plays on the fear of the unknown and the power of superstition. For fans of hip hop, it's also a fun opportunity to see some of their favorite artists in a different light. The movie is not without its flaws, however, and some viewers might find the mockumentary style jarring or the humor too low-brow. Nevertheless, for those who enjoy a good horror-comedy or are curious about the urban legend of the Hip Hop Witch, this movie is worth a watch.

Da Hip Hop Witch is a Horror, Comedy, Adventure, Action movie released in 2000. It has a runtime of 90 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 1.5..

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