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Confidence is a sharp-witted, stimulating, and intricately woven crime drama set against the gritty landscape of the Los Angeles underbelly. Released in 2003, the film boasts a star-studded ensemble cast featuring Edward Burns, Dustin Hoffman, and Rachel Weisz, among others. The director, James Foley, adeptly applies his film-making prowess to disseminate a story replete with suspense, taut performances, unexpected turnabouts, and gripping arcade of intrigues.

Edward Burns takes center stage as Jake Vig, a suave, fast-talking, confident grifter. Jake leads a high stakes con-artist crew consisting of Gordo (Paul Giamatti), Miles (Brian Van Holt), and Big Al (Louis Lombardi). The crew is known for its careful selection of targets - choosing only those who are dishonest and greedy, thus making it all but impossible for their victims to report their losses to the police. The film opens with the gang orchestrating a lucrative scam against an unwitting businessman. Unbeknownst to them, their target is an accountant for eccentric crime boss Winston King, fittingly personified by Dustin Hoffman.

Hoffman's King is a beast in sheep's clothing, and his deceptively unhinged demeanor belies a razor-sharp mind smarter than his loud shirts would suggest. With the accidentally lifted money traced back to them, the crew rapidly finds themselves in the claws of King. To make up for their serious mistake, they're forced to compensate by pulling off a hair-raising con involving a bigger sum of money for him.

Rachel Weisz's character, Lily, a mysterious and stunningly beautiful woman, plays a crucial role in Jake Vig's grand plan. As they plunge deeper into the venture and weave an intricate web of deceit, Jake struggles to keep his personal feelings at bay. Tensions escalate as lines blur between personal, professional, and there's a looming uncertainty about who's playing who.

Andy Garcia makes a memorable appearance as Gunther Butan, a tenacious FBI agent. Gunther's semblance embodies strict adherence to the law, yet he's slightly flawed, adding a tinge of relatability to his character. Gunther has doggedly been on the tail of Jake's crew for years, obsessively zealous about nailing them down. His pursuits often render comical relief within the narrative making his role all the more riveting.

Aside from its performances, Confidence also shines in its script. Doug Jung's layered screenplay is filled with just the right balance of humor, double-crossings, and wit - all keeping the audience engaged and guessing. The artful crafting of the narrative, along with the intense life of the characters, places an absorbing level of suspense on the audience until the very end. The way it alternates between the dilemmas of the characters gives the story a dynamic pace.

The visuals of the film also deserve commendation. The practical lighting, the use of a predominantly dark color palette, and the gritty setting all contribute to the film's overall intense and shady ambiance. The sleek noir-ish and stylishly grim visual storytelling creates a unique landscape for the characters.

Confidence also benefits from its distinctive style, the clever interplay of multiple stories, and an exciting ending that feels like the satisfying last piece of a carefully assembled puzzle. Each character has an interesting personality, and the performances unravel these personalities impeccably, proving the film to be a thrilling ride.

Throughout the film, Confidence maintains a steady rhythm, keeping the viewer gripped by its tactical plot mechanics and intriguing characters. It provides a captivating peek into the grey world of crime where deception is the rule, not the exception, and where alliances are as shaky as shifting sand.

To sum up, Confidence is a stylishly crafted, smartly written crime/ thriller with a consistent flow of suspense. It offers intriguing characters whose psychological depths are perfectly balanced with the allure and danger of their criminal professions. Ultimately, the film lives up to its title. It exhibits finesse in its storytelling, robust performances, and a gritty aura that leaves an indelible impact. One thing's for sure, this deftly drawn con-artist caper will keep you second-guessing its characters' motives and your own predictions right up until the end.

Confidence is a Action, Comedy, Thriller, Crime, Mystery movie released in 2003. It has a runtime of 97 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6. It also holds a MetaScore of 59.

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James Foley
Edward Burns, Rachel Weisz, Andy García, Paul Giamatti, Luis Guzmán, Donal Logue, Brian Van Holt, Robert Forster, Franky G, Lel, Orser, with Morris Chestnut, , Dustin Hoffman
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