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Clinger is a horror-comedy film from 2015 directed by Michael Steves. The movie follows the story of a high-school senior, Robert Klingher (Vincent Martella), who is in love with his girlfriend Fern Petersen (Jennifer Laporte). They have been together for a year and everything seems to be going well. However, Fern feels that their relationship is getting too serious, and she decides to break up with Robert. Robert is devastated by the breakup and starts to obsess over Fern. He's convinced that they're meant to be together and keeps trying to win her back. One day, he sends her a message on Facebook, but she doesn't reply. He goes to her house to talk to her, but she's not there. As he's leaving, he sees her car and goes to investigate, only to find out that she's on a date with another guy. While spying on Fern's date, Robert accidentally falls into a industrial-sized jar of pickles that explodes, killing him instantly. However, he comes back to life as a ghost and finds that he can't move on to the afterlife until he reconciles with Fern. To make matters even more complicated, Robert's ghostly presence starts to possess Fern's activities and behaviors, causing chaos and destruction. Clinger is both a horror and comedy film, with equal parts of silly humor and gore. The movie pokes fun at classic horror tropes, especially the idea of a vengeful ghost, while still being terrifying in its own way. There are some truly gruesome scenes, such as when Robert's arm falls off and he has to reattach it with duct tape. There are also plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, such as when Robert possesses Fern during a school dance. The movie is carried by a strong cast, with Vincent Martella giving a standout performance as Robert. He balances the character's intense love for Fern with his desperation to move on and his growing realization that possession is not the answer. Jennifer Laporte also shines as Fern, capturing the character's confusion and terror as she's drawn into Robert's ghostly world. Julia Aks rounds out the main cast as Fern's best friend, who tries to help her come to terms with what's happening. Overall, Clinger is a fun and entertaining horror-comedy that's perfect for fans of both genres. It balances scares with laughs, and the talented cast makes it worth checking out. If you're in the mood for a ghostly rom-com with a twist of horror, Clinger is the movie for you.

Clinger is a Comedy, Horror movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 81 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.8..

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Michael Steves
Vincent Martella, Jennifer Laporte, Julia Aks
Also directed by Michael Steves
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