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Boogeyman is a 2005 horror film directed by Stephen T. Kay and starring Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel, and Lucy Lawless. The movie follows the story of a young man named Tim Jensen who has been tormented by the Boogeyman ever since he watched his father get taken by the unknown entity through his bedroom window. The movie begins with a young Tim (Skylar Stone) and his parents preparing to move away from their old house. Tim's father tries to comfort him by telling him that the Boogeyman isn't real, but Tim is still afraid. Later that night, Tim's father goes to check on him and is dragged through the window by unseen hands. The young boy watches in shock and terror as his father disappears. Years later, Tim (Barry Watson) is an adult, but he is still deeply affected by the events of his childhood. He begins to experience recurring nightmares and hallucinations about the Boogeyman. He becomes paranoid and refuses to go near any closets, as he believes they are portals for the Boogeyman to enter his world. His sister, another victim of the Boogeyman, reaches out to him to try to convince him to face his fears. After the sudden death of his mother, Tim is forced to return to his childhood home to face his past demons head-on. He finds himself confronted with all of the fears that he has been avoiding for so long. He soon realizes that the only way to overcome his trauma is to confront the Boogeyman himself. Throughout his journey, Tim is aided by new friends like Kate (Emily Deschanel), a childhood crush who is now a therapist, and Frannie (Tory Mussett), a woman who is also haunted by the Boogeyman. The three of them team up to face their fears and the horrors that lurk within the walls of the old house. The movie successfully creates a creepy and suspenseful atmosphere that sets the tone for the film perfectly. The audience is kept on edge from start to finish, with the jump scares and tense moments expertly placed throughout the movie. The use of lighting and camera angles is especially effective in creating a haunting atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. One of the strongest aspects of the film is the cast's performances. Barry Watson delivers a solid performance as Tim, bringing a sense of vulnerability to the character that makes him relatable and sympathetic. Emily Deschanel is also impressive as Kate, delivering a strong, confident performance that contrasts well with Tim's more fragile demeanor. Lucy Lawless is also a standout in her role as Tim's stepmother, lending an air of menace and danger to the character that adds to the film's tension. Overall, Boogeyman is a solid horror movie that succeeds at creating a creepy and suspenseful atmosphere. The exceptional performances, engaging story, and effective visuals all work together to create a memorable and spooky film experience. While it may not be the most groundbreaking horror movie out there, Boogeyman is definitely worth a watch for any fans of the genre.

Boogeyman is a Thriller, Horror, Drama, Mystery movie released in 2005. It has a runtime of 89 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.2. It also holds a MetaScore of 32.

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Stephen T. Kay
Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel, Skye McCole Bartusiak, Lucy Lawless
Also starring Tristán Miranda
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