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Big Momma's House is a 2000 American comedy film that stars Martin Lawrence, Nia Long, and Paul Giamatti. The movie follows the story of an FBI agent named Malcolm Turner (Martin Lawrence) who dresses up as an old woman, Big Momma, in order to go undercover and investigate a recent murder. The victim was connected to a bank robbery, and the perpetrator is believed to be going after his ex-girlfriend, Sherry (Nia Long). Malcolm goes to Sherry's house pretending to be her long-lost grandmother, Big Momma. He poses as a nanny for her son, Trent, in order to keep an eye on her and gather information about the criminal. But things take a hilarious turn when Big Momma's neighbor, Lindsey (Jascha Washington), starts to bond with Malcolm and ends up discovering his secret. The film's plot revolves around the classic trope of a man pretending to be a woman, but it manages to deliver a fresh take on the concept. Martin Lawrence's performance as Big Momma is impressive, and he effectively manages to play two distinct characters in the same movie. His comedic timing and physical humor add a great deal of charm to the film, and the audience can't help but laugh at the absurdity of the situations he finds himself in. Nia Long's portrayal of Sherry is both sympathetic and relatable. She's a struggling single mother who's trying to provide for her son and looks to Malcolm (under his guise as Big Momma) for emotional support. Their unlikely friendship is heartwarming and provides a nice balance to the movie's comedic moments. Paul Giamatti's character, John Maxwell, is the mastermind behind the bank robbery and the murder that Malcolm is investigating. He's over-the-top and cartoonish, making him the perfect villain in a comedy film. His interactions with Malcolm (as Big Momma) provide some of the movie's funniest moments, especially during a scene in which they go on a date. Big Momma's House is not just a silly comedy, though. It touches on themes like family, identity, and relationships in a way that doesn't feel heavy-handed. Malcolm's relationship with Trent teaches him how to be a better parent and, in turn, helps him understand Sherry's perspective. The film also tackles issues like body image and self-acceptance, with Big Momma herself being a larger than life character who isn't ashamed of her size. The movie's soundtrack is memorable and features songs by artists like Destiny's Child, Outkast, and Nelly. The film's score is also noteworthy, with composer Richard Gibbs managing to capture the lighthearted and comedic tone of the movie. In conclusion, Big Momma's House is a feel-good comedy that will leave you laughing and feeling good inside. Martin Lawrence delivers a standout performance as both Malcolm and Big Momma, and his chemistry with Nia Long is believable and endearing. The film's clever writing and memorable characters make it a classic that still holds up today.

Big Momma's House is a Crime, Comedy movie released in 2000. It has a runtime of 98 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.2. It also holds a MetaScore of 33.

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