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Behind the Curve, a documentary film from 2018, follows the lives and beliefs of several prominent flat-earthers. Produced by Daniel J. Clark, the film examines the motivations and justifications behind the flat-earth movement's beliefs and delves into their scientific method of questioning what they see as "establishment science." One of the central figures in the documentary is Mark K. Sargent, who is the author of several books on the flat-earth theory and has become one of the most recognizable faces of the movement. Alongside Sargent is his friend and fellow flat-earther, Patricia Steere, who is known for her YouTube channel, Flat Earth and Other Hot Potatoes. Throughout the film, viewers are introduced to various other members of the flat-earth community, including the enigmatic Bob Knodel, who operates a DIY laboratory out of his garage, and Hannalore Gerling-Dunsmore, a former NASA employee turned flat-earther. The documentary begins by exploring the community's beliefs and its rejection of the scientific conceptions of earth as a spherical object in favor of a "flat earth" model. Members of the movement explain their interpretation of the evidence for the shape of the earth and the supposed absence of proof that the earth is round. The journey of Sargent and his fellow flat-earthers take them to conferences and meetings across the United States as they attempt to spread their message. The film highlights some of the interactions between the flat-earthers and the public, including scientists, who challenge their beliefs. As the documentary progresses, the focus on the flat-earth theory shifts to the community itself. The film covers the struggles and disagreements of the community, such as controversies surrounding membership fees and accusations of fraud. The documentary also touches on the personal lives of some of the individuals involved and explores how they became involved in the flat-earth movement. The film's final act turns its attention to the movement's growth and its wider cultural implications. The flat-earthers' belief in a vast global conspiracy and distrust of the government, media and scientific establishment are part of a broader concern with the veracity of facts and the formation of reality itself in the post-truth era. Throughout Behind the Curve, director Daniel J. Clark makes no attempt to mock or belittle members of the community, although the documentary cannot help but expose the fallacy behind their belief system. The film is neither a hit piece nor an endorsement of the flat-earth theory, but rather is an objective look at what drives the movement and how its members reconcile their beliefs with the reality at large. In conclusion, Behind the Curve offers a fascinating insight into the flat-earth community and its motivations, beliefs, and practices. The documentary is must watch for anyone interested in the growing divide between science and popular belief, and the distrust in academes or authoritative organizations in the contemporary society.

Behind the Curve is a Documentary movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 95. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.5..

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