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Attack of the Sabretooth is a thrilling action-horror film from 2005, starring an ensemble cast including the likes of Robert Carradine, Nicholas Bell, and Brian Wimmer. The movie tells a thrilling story of a group of scientists, researchers, and military officials who are working on a top-secret project in the Arctic Circle, which involves cloning prehistoric sabretooth tigers. Things take an unexpected and dangerous turn when the sabretooths break loose and terrorize the team, leaving them stranded in the icy wilderness.

The movie opens in the middle of an Arctic tundra, where the team of scientists led by Dr. Shepherd (Robert Carradine) and Dr. Brady (Nicholas Bell) is trying to extract DNA samples from prehistoric sabertooth tiger fossils. The team is successful in extracting the DNA and begins to clone the tigers in their laboratory on the base. As the project progresses, the team's leader becomes dangerously obsessed with the cloned animals, disregarding warnings from his colleagues about the potentially catastrophic dangers of such an endeavor.

Soon enough, the sabretooths break loose from their laboratory and wreak havoc on the base, killing anyone who crosses their path. The soldiers on the base, led by the tough and rugged Brian Wimmer (Sgt. Butcher), quickly respond to the potential emergency and try to contain the situation. However, the sabretooths prove to be too cunning and deadly for them, leading to a striking battle between the humans and the prehistoric predators. The soldiers and scientists must band together to fight against the monstrous creatures and try to survive the frozen wasteland they are now trapped in.

Despite the limited budget, Attack of the Sabretooth makes clever use of its small-scale production, effectively utilizing practical effects to create a sense of suspense and danger as the characters battle the ferocious sabretooths. The action-packed sequences are also well-choreographed and thrilling, with the cast giving their all in the fight scenes.

One of the movie's standout features is the performance of the cast. Robert Carradine, known for his role in the popular Revenge of the Nerds franchise, gives a committed and intense performance as Dr. Shepherd, the unstable geneticist who unleashes the monstrous predators. He is particularly convincing in his descent into madness as he becomes increasingly obsessed with his creation. Nicholas Bell, who is known for his roles in Australian cinema, plays a more reserved but equally compelling character in Dr. Brady. He provides a level-headed and scientific counterpoint to Shepherd's wild ambitions.

Brian Wimmer, who plays Sgt. Butcher, is also a noteworthy performance as the tough and fearless leader of the base's security contingent. He brings a convincing and authentic portrayal of a rough-and-tumble military veteran. Other notable performances include Stacy Haiduk's as Hunter, a feisty and capable female soldier, and Jenna Gering as Dr. Baker, a genetics researcher who becomes one of the main allies to the soldier's cause.

Overall, Attack of the Sabretooth is a fun and compelling movie that offers an exciting vision of a world overrun by genetically cloned prehistoric predators. With strong performances, thrilling action sequences, and a suspenseful plot, the movie is an excellent watch for fans of the action and the horror genre. It is a testament to the effectiveness of low-budget filmmaking and is an excellent example of an entertaining B-movie.

Attack of the Sabretooth is a Horror, Action movie released in 2005. It has a runtime of 92 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 2.7..

George T. Miller
Robert Carradine, Nicholas Bell, Brian Wimmer, Stacy Haiduk, Rawiri Paratene
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