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Arizona Heat is a thrilling action movie that takes place in Phoenix, Arizona, and follows the adventures of an oddball detective, Jack Carr, who is on a mission to bring down a drug trafficking ring operating in the city. The movie features a star-studded cast, including Michael Parks as Jack Carr, Denise Crosby as Lucy, and Hugh Farrington as Arizona State Police Captain Hunter.

The plot of the movie takes off when Jack's partner is brutally murdered while on duty. Jack, who is going through a midlife crisis, takes it upon himself to solve the case and bring the perpetrator to justice. As he digs deeper into the case, Jack realizes that the murder is just the tip of the iceberg of a massive drug trafficking operation that has the city in its grip.

Jack's investigation leads him to a ruthless drug lord named Aguilar, who is controlling the drug trafficking operation. Aguilar is a powerful figure in Phoenix, and he has a stranglehold on the local law enforcement agencies. However, Jack is not one to back down, and he is determined to put a stop to Aguilar's nefarious activities.

As Jack gets closer to Aguilar, things start heating up, and he finds himself in the crosshairs of the drug lord's men. The movie features some intense action scenes, including car chases, gunfights, and explosions. The action is non-stop and keeps the audiences at the edge of their seats.

In addition to the action, the movie also has some moments of humor that break the tension and add some levity to the proceedings. Michael Parks gives an outstanding performance as Jack Carr. He is intense, gritty, and delivers his lines with a raw ferocity that is rare in action movies. Denise Crosby is equally impressive as Lucy, the love interest of Jack. She adds a touch of sophistication to the movie and provides some much-needed emotional depth.

Hugh Farrington gives a convincing performance as Captain Hunter, the head of the Arizona State Police. He is the archetypical hard-nosed police captain who stands by his men and will do whatever it takes to bring down the criminals. The chemistry between the three lead actors is excellent, and they play off each other well, making the movie an enjoyable watch.

Overall, Arizona Heat is a well-made action movie, with a great cast, some exciting action scenes, and a decent plot. It stays true to the tropes of the genre, including the redemption arc of the protagonist and the never-give-up attitude. It has all the ingredients of a classic action movie and is sure to please fans of the genre.

Arizona Heat is a Thriller movie released in 1988. It has a runtime of 87. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.4..

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