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Annette is a 2021 cinematic masterpiece, a surreal musical drama that stretches the parameters of filmmaking and storytelling. This audacious avant-garde film was directed by the legendary French director Leos Carax. The lauded film director is reputed for his visually lavish films, and this movie doesn't fall short of that reputation. The film's screenplay comes from the remarkable minds of Ron and Russell Mael of the band Sparks, who also composed the film's music.

Annette boasts of a star-studded cast, headlined by Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard, two esteemed actors with a mastery of intense, emotionally complex characters. Adam Driver, renowned for his commanding on-screen presence and depth of performance, plays Henry McHenry, a stand-up comedian with a sinister stage persona. In contrast, Marion Cotillard, with her inherent elegance and range as an actress, portrays Ann Defrasnoux, a renowned soprano. The intriguing dynamic between Henry and Ann forms the crux of the film, painting a tale of love, creativity, and the burdens of fame.

The film oscillates between the ethereal and the grounded, between lofty romanticism and the harsh realities of life. Through the unlikely partnership of a comedian and opera singer, Annette explores themes of art and audience, love and toxic relationships, and the barrage of public scrutiny. Simon Helberg, known for his comedic roles, steps into a more nuanced persona as the film's narrator and Ann's accompanist.

Annette is also unique in its approach to music. While a conventional musical might reserve its song-and-dance routines for occasional set pieces, Annette uses music as a critical storytelling device. It has a score that ranges in hue and tempo to match the tonal swings of the film's narrative, and its characters burst into song amid dialogue and action, further blurring the line between the real and the fantastical.

The visual language of Annette is a marvel. Auteur Leos Carax uses an extensive color palette, varied camera angles, and meticulously staged scenes to create a spectacle of each frame. This splendor is further realized through the sets and costumes that add a layer of mysticism and charm.

As a central device, the titular character of Annette, portrayed through a combination of special effects and marionette puppetry, adds an eerie, fairy-tale like surrealism that instills questions on art, authenticity and reality. Far from being just a quirky stylistic choice, Annette’s puppet-like representation is a profound exploration of the pressures and expectations placed on public figures, and child prodigies specifically, mirroring the societal hunger for enchantingly talented beings who carry the weight of our collective dreams and ambitions.

Adam Driver's performance is tour-de-force, showcasing the depths of his acting prowess. His character rides a rollercoaster of emotions - charm and anger, self-destruction and desperation, love and horror. Driver breathes life into all, often over the course of single, unbroken, musical sequences, crafting a character that is both compelling and unsettling.

Marion Cotillard delivers an equally intense performance. As the graceful soprano with an ethereal voice, she balances strength and vulnerability, navigating fame, love, and motherhood with poignant effect. Cotillard's magnificent vocals also shine in the film, particularly during the opera sequences.

Simon Helberg delivers a restrained yet evocative performance. His character provides balance with a calm presence among the towering storms of emotions between the movie's lead characters. Helberg’s portrayal is nuanced and profound, adding depth and a subtly surprising character arc to the film.

Annette is a bold experiment, a simultaneous ode to and reinvention of musical cinema. It questions, challenges, and borders on the absurd while making potent social commentary. The film is assuredly a provocative venture that might not align with everyone's cinematic palate, given its eccentric narrative thread and stylistic choices. However, it provides a brave exploration of love, art, fame, parenity, and the absurdity of life itself.

In conclusion, Annette is a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience crafted with passion and flair. It's a film that subverts norms and pushes boundaries, solidifying Leos Carax's reputation as a filmmaker who isn't afraid to challenge convention and venture into the unexplored realms of storytelling.

Annette is a Drama, Music, Romance movie released in 2021. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 67.

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