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Anne B. Real is an independent drama movie that was released in 2003, which garnered attention as it uniquely intertwines the universally prevalent themes of family, identity, and the human spirit with the dynamic world of Hip Hop culture. This 91-minute film, lauded for its original concept and stimulating storytelling, was welcomed by a broad audience drawn to its rough-edged charm.

Despite the urban grittiness of its setting, the film revolves around a somewhat unexpected protagonist. Cynthia Gimenez, played by Jackie Quinones, is a shy, introverted fifteen-year-old girl with a hidden talent and passion for rap music. Living in a cramped New York City apartment with her dysfunctional family, Cynthia finds solace and a sense of self-expression in her handwritten rhymes. Juxtaposed against this contemporary setting and plotline is the literary influence that gives the film its unusual title; Cynthia's inspiration, and indeed, her guide through the challenges she faces, is none other than the diary of Anne Frank, which she interprets as a series of raps - hence “Anne B. Real.”

At the center of Cynthia's world is her older brother Juan Gimenez (Carlos Leon of "The Big Lebowski"), whose life has taken a disconcerting turn. Once a promising rapper in his own right, Juan has become entangled in the perilous world of street life and gang activity. His dreams of success in the music industry are overshadowed by these dangerous distractions, leaving him in a constant struggle between his aspirations and harsh realities. His out-of-control spiral serves as a cautionary backdrop to Cynthia's budding growth as an artist.

Another compelling character within the movie is Kitty (Sherri Saum), a teacher who recognizes Cynthia's talents, encourages her creativity, and serves as a positive role model in the midst of her chaotic life. She reinforces the pivotal message that art can serve as a powerful vessel for the expression of life's joys and challenges, a concept that is a recurring theme throughout the film.

Directed by Lisa France and produced by Josselyne Herman-Saccio, Anne B. Real was critically acclaimed for its fresh, engaging storyline. The film found fame on the independent circuit and earned the respect of audiences across America. Much of this reverence was due to its unconventional yet captivating narrative approach involved the fusion of Anne Frank's heartbreaking tale of a Jewish girl hiding from Nazis during World War II with the cutthroat word of modern-day rap music.

Also worth mentioning is the authentic depiction of the Hispanic community in New York City. Anne B. Real excels in providing a multifaceted portrayal of the Latinx community, capturing aspects related to culture, language, societal dynamics, and the issues faced by the community.

On a deeper level, the film delves into the universal themes of ambition, resilience, family bonds, and the struggles of growing up. While the film is firmly rooted in the realities of urban life, it uses rap as a metaphor for prevailing against hardship and expressing one's identity in a world that often suppresses individuality.

In terms of performances, Carlos Leon and Jackie Quinones deliver compelling performances that brilliantly encapsulate the spirit of their characters. Quinones, in particular, with her portrayal of the quiet yet strong-willed Cynthia, provides the memorable heart of the movie.

Pitched at a crossroads between drama, family, and music genres, Anne B. Real doesn't shy away from presenting a raw, honest depiction of contemporary urban life. However, it maintains a hopeful undercurrent throughout, affirming that even in the face of adversity, passion and creativity can act as a beacon of hope. This film's unique combination of storytelling techniques, impressive performances, and its thoughtful exploration of a diverse range of themes make it an emotionally charged and inspiring cinematic experience.

Anne B. Real is a Action, Comedy, Documentary, Drama movie released in 2002. It has a runtime of 91 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 2.2..

Lisa France
David Zayas, Carlos Leon, Janice Richardson
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