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And We Go Green is an enthralling documentary that chronicles the budding worldwide trend towards electric car racing depicted through the attempts to create the first-ever Formula E electric car race. The movie, directed by Fisher Stevens and Malcom Venville, features the efforts and progress of a group of racing champions, including the co-founder and CEO of the championship, Alejandro Agag, Sam Bird, and the late Jules Bianchi, as they join hands to design and race electric-powered cars around the world.

The movie opens with a glimpse of the global oil crisis of the 1970s, which prompted automakers and policymakers to begin looking for alternatives to fossil fuels to decarbonize transportation. And We Go Green then transitions to the early stages of the Formula E championship with its first announcement in 2013, which attracts investments from racing legends such as Alain Prost, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Sir Richard Branson. The documentary exposes the skepticism, the ridicule, and the lack of cooperation from the press and the public towards the new electric car racing concept.

The Formula E race is designed to attract a younger audience interested in sustainability, clean energy, and digital technology, and the docu explains how the organizers choose their host cities for the championship. The audience is exposed to the workings of the FIA (Federation Internationale de L'Automobile), which administers the championship and ensures that all races take place without any hitches. The movie highlights the street circuit in Monaco, featuring interviews with Bianchi and his former teammate, Sam Bird, as they lead the audience through their personal experiences and the hardships of the risky, unprecedented Monaco ePrix.

The audience is privy to how Bianchi, Bird, and others worked tirelessly with their teams to improve the efficiency and performance of their electric cars, all while pushing the limits of the electrical technology. We learn the challenges of the relatively new e-mobility space, which is still in its early stages in terms of investment, improvements, and overall progress. The viewers also gain insights into the innovation and technology that goes into designing an electric autopiloted driverless race car - a project that is slowly gaining traction among automakers who envision a future where autonomous vehicles rule the roads.

And We Go Green is not just about the racing, and it offers viewers to engage deeper into the high stakes culture of racing. We get a glimpse into Sam Bird's off-track life in New York City, as well as Alejandro Agag's quest to get celebrity musician Mark Ronson to perform at the 2018 New York ePrix, an event that would generate a considerable amount of buzz and publicity around "green" energy. The documentary is an emotional rollercoaster as we watch in awe as electric cars zip past us on the street circles, and we share in the tears and emotions of the drivers and their teams as they reveal their hardships, financial struggles, and the dangers and risks of one of the most thrilling motorsports events in the world.

In conclusion, And We Go Green is an excellent documentary that presents the viewer with the behind-the-scenes development of the highly competitive e-Prix, a sport that is captivating new audiences worldwide. The documentary manages to redefine the viewer's perception of racing by challenging the rules, attitudes, environment and behavior of a traditionally gas-powered industry through a new kind of energy-laden sport. The movie tackles environmental causes and technological advancements, and it highlights the importance of carbon footprint reduction and the need to create sustainable solutions as we move forward into the future.

And We Go Green is a Documentary movie released in 2019. It has a runtime of 99 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.8. It also holds a MetaScore of 55.

Fisher Stevens, Malcolm Venville
Alejandro Agag, Sam Bird, Lucas di Grassi
Also starring Alejandro Agag
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