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An Extremely Goofy Movie, released in the year 2000, is a direct-to-video animated film and a sequel to the 1995 film, A Goofy Movie. Much like the original film, this production is synonymous with elements of comedy, friendship, growing pains, and the bond between father and son. The film is chiefly presented in the style of a buddy comedy and coming-of-age narrative, coalescing around the life of Goofy, voiced by Bill Farmer, and his son Max, voiced by Jason Marsden, displaying a glimpse into their lives and exploring the dynamics of their father-son relationship.

As the sequel begins, we witness a significant shift in the lives of the central characters, Max and Goofy, as Max prepares to embark on his journey to college. The gaping age difference between Max and Goofy, which was previously a source of comic relief, adopts a poignant outlook in this narrative as Goofy grapples with "empty nest syndrome." With Max's departure, Goofy is left to confront his solitude in a lonely house that brims with the memories of his son's childhood.

Meanwhile, Max is highly excited to leave his small town and embark on a journey filled with new friends, hopes, dreams and his quest for independence, all with a certain level of trepidation understandable for a young individual leaving his home environment for the very first time. Hitting a few, often humorous, bumps along the way, Max and his friends (like PJ and Bobby) navigate college life, including joining the college X-Games, a high-octane extracurricular sports competition.

Max's life takes a comical twist when Goofy loses his job and decides to join his son in college to complete his own degree. Predictably, this circumstance sets the stage for various comic and nostalgic scenarios. Hang-ups and wacky antics ensue as Goofy begins intruding into every aspect of Max's college life, resulting in increasing tension between father and son. Goofy's eccentric behavior, although amusing, poses a series of challenges for Max, who is struggling to balance the pressures of his academic life with his social one.

It's quite touching to see the father-son duo trying to find a balance in their changes of life. Goofy attempts to regain the joy of his collegiate days while Max, on the other hand, endeavors to uphold his personal space, aiming to make his way through campus life. The struggles between Max and Goofy are nuanced, relatable, and effectively underpinned by the movie’s humor. There are frat parties, love interests, classroom comedies, and more; everything that one might expect from a campus film interspersed with the inescapable 'goofiness' of Goofy's antics.

Going beyond its central theme of family dynamics, the film explores pertinent topics like friendship, rivalry, team spirit, young love, self-discovery, and the importance of balance between personal life and studies, making it relevant for multiple audiences. A parallel narrative line follows Goofy's adventures as he joins the college, kindling a romance with the college librarian and engaging in typical shenanigans along the way.

Voices of some seasoned actors back the primary characters. In addition to Farmer and Marsden, Jeff Bennet delivers skillfull performance giving voice to both Bradley and Unemployment Clerk, and Jim Cummings lends his distinctive voice to Pete. The filmmakers remain loyal to the signature exaggerated animation style that forms the backbone of the franchise, bringing the characters to life, while the neatly tied plot and wonderful combination of humor and emotion make the narrative engaging.

An Extremely Goofy Movie strikes a perfect balance between wholesome family fun and sly humor, aiming for meaningful narrative while retaining the slapstick comedy we've come to love in the previous iterations of the franchise. Despite being an animated film, it has a relatable human touch to it, which combined with light-hearted humor, comic animation, memorable characters, and heartwarming narrative, make this film an enjoyable experience.

Overall, An Extremely Goofy Movie is a film that speaks volumes about changing times, the generation gap, and the enduring bond of family through layers of fun-filled hilarity and drama. An entertaining film for kids, it also effectively presents a charming and relatable storyline that adults can relate to, positioning itself as a pleasant must-watch for viewers of all ages.

An Extremely Goofy Movie is a Animation, Kids & Family, Comedy movie released in 2000. It has a runtime of 76 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.4..

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