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Almost You is a 1984 romantic comedy-drama (also known as dramaedy) directed by Adam Brooks. The film features captivating performances by skilled actors Brooke Adams, Griffin Dunne, and Karen Young, contributing significantly to the film's overall appeal and intrigue. It delivers a storyline packed with humor and drama, yet one which does not shun away from challenging viewers to engage, question, and reflect on the complexities of relationships and self-discovery during challenging times.

The movie is set in the vibrant, bustling city of New York, with Brooke Adams playing the protagonist, Laura, a dedicated and loving wife. Meanwhile, Griffin Dunne stars as her husband, Alex, a charismatic individual facing a midlife crisis, who portrays the plight of a man looking to break free from the monotonous routine of his life. Adding the appropriate spice to this mix is Karen Young embodying the character of a young, free-spirited woman named Susan, whose chaotic but risque lifestyle highly contrasts the stable and predictable life lived by the couple.

The plot of Almost You unravels as Alex becomes frustrated with his tedious life, driven to the limits of monotony. Feeling suffocated by his mundane routine, he finds his once vibrant relationship with Laura now only a shadow of its former glory. Meanwhile, Laura looks for ways to shake things up and rekindle the spark in their relationship, leading to some humorous yet emotionally engaging moments. She demonstrates a willingness to go beyond her comfort zone to build her relationship anew.

The storytelling process is greatly enhanced by Young's character, Susan. Her spontaneous lifestyle and daring outlook bring a fresh perspective to the narrative. She is the antithesis of the couple's life - a thrilling combination of mystery and adventure that successfully disrupts Alex's and Laura's life. She becomes a catalyst for change, disturbing the predictable routines and pushing the couple towards exploring their concealed emotions and unexpressed desires.

The title of the film, 'Almost You,' is indeed an intriguing presence throughout the film, with the characters often finding themselves in tempting situations where they could live life in a completely different manner. The narrative threads this poignant possibility throughout the storyline’s fabric, making it an emotional roller coaster ride of joy, sorrow, love, confusion, and ultimately, liberation.

The performances by Brooke Adams, Griffin Dunne, and Karen Young, render life to their respective characters exquisitely. As the characters engage in their journey of exploring their hidden desires, facing their fears, and accepting their truths, it's impossible for the viewers not to get wrapped in their emotional tug-of-war.

Adam Brooks wrestles with the complexities of the storyline wonderfully, crafting a narrative that’s both intricately complex yet beautifully simplistic in its delivery. Viewers can relate to the struggles and triumphs of the characters while being pulled into the whirlwind of their exciting New York life. The director's style is unique, combining humor and drama to drive home the messages of individuality, identity, and personal growth.

Furthermore, the film’s cinematography is quite mesmerizing, capturing the authentic essence of New York's multifaceted lifestyle, its mesmeric skylines, and its eclectic mix of diverse people. The intense and vivid depiction of the city contributes to the film's overall charm, enhancing the viewers' connection with the characters’ experiences and emotions.

However, Almost You is not just a drama. It's imbued with moments of humor that contribute to its charm, ensuring that the audience never finds themselves sinking into an abyss of melancholy. The humor is smart, and it fluidly weaves itself into the storyline, providing comic relief at the right times, without disrupting the overarching narrative or the emotional journey of the characters.

In conclusion, Almost You is a captivating exploration of relationships, midlife crisis, inner turmoil, and self-discovery. It ventures into the intimate spaces of the protagonists' lives, offering viewers a touching and sometimes, a comical voyeuristic experience. The performances of Brooke Adams, Griffin Dunne, and Karen Young truly shine, bringing depth and nuances to a thought-provoking narrative that deals with the complexities of life and love. One thing's certain: one leaves the viewing with a sense of empathy for the characters, an appreciation for the unpredictable rollercoaster ride that is life, and still carrying snippets of humor that breach through the profound themes.

Almost You is a Comedy, Romance, Drama movie released in 1985. It has a runtime of 96. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.0..

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