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All Through the Night is a 1942 thriller film starring Humphrey Bogart, Conrad Veidt, and Kaaren Verne. Directed by Vincent Sherman, the movie is set in World War II New York and follows a group of gangsters who unwittingly stumble upon a Nazi spy ring.

Bogart plays Gloves Donahue, a tough but lovable gangster who runs a nightclub with his sidekick Sunshine (William Demarest). When one of their associates, a baker named Miller, is killed, Gloves and Sunshine start to investigate. They soon discover that Miller was not just a simple baker, but was involved in a secret government operation to track down a group of Nazi spies who are planning to sabotage American ships.

As Gloves and Sunshine delve deeper into the case, they encounter a cast of colorful characters, including a beautiful but mysterious woman named Leda Hamilton (Verne), who may or may not be working with the enemy. They also cross paths with a group of German spies led by Conrad Veidt's character, a sinister figure named Ebbing.

All Through the Night is a fast-paced thriller that keeps its audience on the edge of their seats. At the heart of the film is Bogart's performance as Gloves Donahue, a role that showcases his trademark tough-guy persona but also allows him to display his comedic talent. The chemistry between Bogart and Demarest is also a highlight, with the two actors bouncing off each other perfectly.

The film is notable for its mix of humor and suspense, as well as its depiction of the homefront during World War II. All Through the Night captures the patriotic spirit of the era, with Gloves and his gang ultimately putting aside their criminal activities to help their country. The film also touches on themes of loyalty and betrayal, as the characters grapple with their allegiances in a time of war.

Another standout element of the movie is its supporting cast, which includes a number of talented character actors. Peter Lorre, playing one of Ebbing's henchmen, brings his trademark creepy charm to the role. Judith Anderson, best known for her role as Mrs. Danvers in Rebecca, is also memorable as a spinster who becomes a key player in the spy ring.

All Through the Night was released at a time when the U.S. was still adjusting to its role in the war, and the film reflects that sense of uncertainty. It presents a vision of New York City that is both familiar and strange, with dark alleys and deserted streets that echo with the threat of danger. The film's climax takes place in a warehouse, where the characters face off against Ebbing and his men in a tense and thrilling showdown.

Overall, All Through the Night is a superb example of the 1940s thriller genre, blending suspense, humor, and patriotism into a satisfying package. Fans of Humphrey Bogart and classic Hollywood cinema are sure to enjoy this fast-paced and entertaining film.

All Through the Night is a Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller, War movie released in 1941. It has a runtime of 107 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.1..

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