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There Can Be Only One
We're down to the final two. These two comedians pull out all the stops to defy mental and physical fatigue, while fighting to make the other laugh.

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Helen From Hell
Rebel hands out the red card no-one saw coming, Three comedians remain. With the last hour upon them the final three make desperate attempts to knock each other out.

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The Bum Note
Despite Rebel's warnings against passive play, one comedian continues to stand back and avoid confrontation, only to increase their chances of elimination.

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Carol's Your Auntie
Now at half-way point, the comedians are definitely feeling the heat. There is no shortage of yellow and red cards and the attacks mount up.

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A Sticky Situation
Rebel Wilson delivers violation cards to 2 more comedians. New props are brought out and an Australian icon makes an appearance.

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Jacket Off
The 6-hour game begins and the comedians brace themselves for a performance they will never forget.

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LOL: Australia, also known as 'Last One Laughing', premiered in 2020, raising the bar for the comedic entertainment industry while capturing the hearts of Australian viewers. Hosted by Rebel Wilson, an accomplished Australian-born comedian and actress known for her roles in Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids, she brings a magnetic energy to the show that sets the stage for an exciting viewing experience.

The premise of LOL: Australia is like no other as it brings together a collection of Australia’s finest comedic minds, putting them in the same room with one firm rule – you can’t laugh. But there's a twist in this no-laugh challenge, the competitors are not just battling it out to keep from laughing, but they must also attempt to make each other fall into fits of laughter.

The unique framework of the show means that it treads a line between competitive game show and improvisational comedy, resulting in an innovative hybrid that balances tension, drama, suspense, and joyous laughter. A true feat by any standard, considering how comedians are naturally inclined to make people laugh.

Spreading over six episodes, the show features ten Australian comedians including comedic legends such as Sam Simmons, Anne Edmonds, Joel Creasey, and Ed Kavalee to name a few. These participants from diverse comedic backgrounds and styles are locked together in the same room for six hours and are tasked with the challenge of not laughing while simultaneously attempting to make each other laugh.

Think about a wildly entertaining laugh-off optical course, where every smile, giggle, chuckle, or outright laughter costs the offender a penalty. The objective is simple yet profoundly challenging, as the last one standing without being eliminated for laughing will win a cash prize for the charity of their choosing. This makes the stakes incredibly high and the tension palpable.

This type of comedy format delivers a strong variety of comedic styles and techniques since it combines stand-up, physical comedy, pranks and more. The rotating roster of comedians ensures plenty of variety and unpredictability, spawning a unique fusion of thrilling competition and uproarious comedy. There are virtually no limits to the comedians' antics, making this Amazon Original show a literal laugh factory.

One of the key elements that makes the series stand out is the fascinating interplay of comedic character deconstruction. The audience gets an insight into the minds of the comedians not just as performers, but as strategic players who must toe the line between breaking others down while maintaining their comedic resolve. It is this aspect that really elevates the level of complexity and entertainment factor of the show; a humorous, psychological game of survival.

What makes the series even more captivating is the overall production. The set is designed as a vibrant lounge with a pantry and various props handy, giving comedians a myriad of tools to crack each other up. Yet it's not so spacious as to allow anyone to hide and dodge the comedic onslaught. The closed-circuit television cameras are placed in strategic places so that viewers at home can witness every charmingly awkward moment of comic twisting and turn.

LOL: Australia emerges as a test of stamina, mental strength, and comedic craft. It's hilarious, absurd, and filled with unexpected surprises. The camaraderie between the comedians, the constant swapping between the positions of predator and prey, the journey from tension to uncontrollable laughter, every moment counts and keeps viewers glued to their screens.

For those who enjoy humor, LOL: Australia is an absolute must-watch. The show leverages Australia's comedic talent and unique national humor to its advantage, while engaging in a fresher, novel way. Being an unscripted series, it offers a unique authenticity that adds to its charm.

In a nutshell, the series is filled with relentless hilarity and suspense that makes for an exceptionally entertaining watch. Everything from the comedians, their methods, the host, the rule, to the reaction of the performers creates a concoction of laughter and anticipation. It is an excellent choice for anyone seeking light-hearted, yet gripping and competitive entertainment. This is where comedy meets endurance - welcome to LOL: Australia.

LOL: Australia is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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