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Yurusarezaru Mono (Unforgiven) is a Japanese film that was released in 2013, directed by Sang-il Lee. It is a remake of the American movie with the same name, which was directed by Clint Eastwood in 1992. The story unfolds in the late 1800s and focuses on three characters - a former samurai named Jubei Kamata (played by Ken Watanabe), Kingo Baba (played by Jun Kunimura), a colleague of Jubei, and a young woman named Azusa (played by Shioli Kutsuna), who gets caught in the middle of their conflict.

The film opens with Jubei Kamata living a peaceful life with his family as a farmer far away from his former life as a samurai. He is haunted by the bloody battles he fought in and wants to forget them. One day, a group of men come to him with a proposition to kill two men who have disfigured a woman's face. Jubei initially refuses, but his financial situation forces him to reconsider. Meanwhile, the communication officer of the clan who had hired him is picked up by Kingo Baba along with his deputy. They are looking for Jubei, who had killed the officer's family a decade ago. Kingo gives him a choice: either to kill the bandits and help the clan or expose his true identity to them. Jubei decides to go with the former, and along with Kingo and the deputy, they embark on a journey to find the bandits.

As they reach the town where the bandits are, they meet a young woman named Azusa, who works at the local brothel. Her presence complicates the already precarious situation. Jubei is conflicted about what to do with her, considering his past as a samurai and his present as a farmer. However, he develops feelings for her and becomes protective towards her. Kingo, on the other hand, sees her as a hindrance to their mission and is determined to get rid of her.

The rest of the story is about their journey towards the bandits and their confrontations with them. As they proceed ahead, Jubei, who had sworn to himself that he would not kill anymore, finds himself in situations where he has to reconsider his decision. Meanwhile, Kingo is also revealed to have a dark past and his intentions become murkier. The climax of the movie is gripping, with unexpected twists and turns.

What sets this movie apart from other samurai films is its realistic portrayal of violence. The violence is not stylized or glorified, but rather shown in its rawest form. The characters are flawed, with their own motivations and justifications for their actions. The film is not just a tale of revenge or redemption, but also a commentary on how the samurai code and honor have become obsolete. The director has also skillfully weaved in elements of Japanese culture and history, making it an enriching experience for the viewer.

One of the highlights of the film is Ken Watanabe's performance as Jubei Kamata. He plays the character with a quiet intensity, portraying the trauma of a man who has seen too much. His chemistry with Shioli Kutsuna's Azusa is also noteworthy, with both actors bringing a vulnerability to their characters. Jun Kunimura's Kingo Baba is also well-played, with him bringing a layer of complexity to his character.

The movie's cinematography is breathtaking, with the Japanese landscape captured beautifully. The use of lighting and sound also adds to the overall experience of the film. The score of the movie, composed by Taro Iwashiro, is haunting and perfectly complements the mood of the film.

In conclusion, Yurusarezaru Mono (Unforgiven) is a must-watch for fans of Japanese cinema, particularly of samurai films. It is a poignant, well-crafted and well-acted movie that explores complex themes and characters. The film is a fitting adaptation of the American original while bringing its own unique voice to the story.

Yurusarezaru Mono is a Action, Crime, Drama, Western movie released in 2013. It has a runtime of 135. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.0..

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