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Yes is a captivating and thought-provoking film released in 2004, replete with stimulating, lyrical dialogue and engaging characters. The eclectic film delicately balances elements that blend a stylized exploration of passion, cultural differences, and personal growth. The compelling performance of Joan Allen, Simon Abkarian, and Sam Neill adds a distinct element of reality to the film, marking it as an outlier in both its storytelling techniques and its remarkable thematic assertions.

Joan Allen leads the cast as a character referred to only as "She," portraying a successful and sophisticated scientist who feels beleaguered in her storyline dissatisfaction in her current marriage and her struggle for freedom. Her portrayal is exceptional as she carries layers of her character’s emotions and motivations intricately throughout the movie. Her intense longing for a more passionate life is poignant and relatable, making the audience empathize with her as she navigates her life's intricacies.

Opposite to Allen's "She" is Simon Abkarian's character, simply named "He," a Lebanese surgeon turned banquet waiter. Abkarian perfectly embodies his character's conflicting emotions over his current status, wrestling with frustration, self-reproach, pride, and unrestrained desire. His performance is incredibly touching, showing both raw emotion and quiet stoicism as he conforms to a life far beneath his capability, adding great depth to his character.

Sam Neill, portraying "She's" husband Anthony, gives a testament to his acting prowess as he captures his character's indifference, emotional discord, and resentment toward his deteriorating marriage. He is convincingly detached yet complex, serving as both a catalyst and an antagonist in "She's" emotional journey.

Circulating around themes of self-discovery, liberation, and passionate love, the movie does an exceptional job of capturing the nuanced struggle both "She" and "He" have with their current predicament. The storyline takes viewers on a journey across several locations availing a robust cultural experience from London’s elite society to the vibrant culture and intense political atmosphere of Beirut. It is a tale of an extra-marital affair, but unlike conventional narratives focusing on the act's morality, Yes focuses on the individuals involved, their emotions, and their individual journeys, giving the film an almost humanistic approach toward its intense theme.

The script of Yes, characterized by its unique rhymed iambic pentameter, is its most distinguishing stylistic feature. The verse dialogue, inspired by Shakespearean plays, enhances the dialogue's resonance, adding a lyrical and poetic quality to the film. However, what’s fascinating about Yes is its incredible ability to maintain this technique without making it seem forced or disproportionately theatrical. The viewers might even forget about the unusual choice of dialogue as they get engrossed in the engaging narrative and the excellently portrayed characters.

Director Sally Potter handles delicate social, political, and personal issues with astuteness, ensuring that they never overshadow the film's emotional heart. Despite its narrative's heavy aspects, she maintains a subtle tone throughout the film, peppering volatility with tender moments. The cinematography, featuring a contrast of chilly Northern and vibrant Southern hemispheres, also adds to the film’s distinctive artistic value.

Further, adding to the cinematic experience is the bold disregard for the use of character names, referring to them as "She" and "He." This seemingly simple choice enhances the universality of the narrative, implying that the story and its emotional struggles can be relevant to any individual.

‘Yes’ is not just a film; it is an experiment that blurs the boundaries between cinema and poetry, it’s an evocative journey through the landscape of love, culture, and self-exploration. Add to this a robust supporting cast, immersive cinematography, expressive score, and Sally Potter's distinctive directorial style, 'Yes' is a stimulating cinematic experience that offers anyone who engages in it a distinctive perspective on life and relationships.

In summary, Yes from 2004 is a stylish, engaging, and emotionally intense film that immerses viewers into the lives of its intricate characters. Crafted with unusual narrative techniques, it stands out as a cinematic experiment appreciated by both movie enthusiasts looking for something unique and general audiences seeking a resonating, emotional journey.

Yes is a Drama, Romance movie released in 2004. It has a runtime of 100 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 55.

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