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Without a Paddle: Nature's Calling is a 2009 comedy and adventure film that is centered on two childhood friends from the hustle and bustle of the city, who set off on an unexpected journey into the great outdoors searching for one's high school dream girl. This light-hearted cinematic comedy-delight was directed by Ellory Elkayem, starring Oliver James, Kristopher Turner, Rik Young, and Madison Riley.

The film opens with our protagonists, Zach and Ben, two best friends who have been inexplicably caught-up in the mundanities of everyday life. Both of them, especially Ben, feel stuck in life and dream of the carefree days of their youth. The tipping point arrives when Ben receives a letter from his childhood crush, Heather. Heather informs Ben about her grandmother's death and her subsequent inheritance of an "enchanted" island in the Pacific. Intrigued by the concept of an enchanted island and motivated by his unrequited love for Heather, Ben decides to set out on an adventurous journey to assist Heather. Joining him in his voyage is his old chum, Zach, who is an enthusiastic real estate attorney, excited by the prospects of this mesmerizing island.

As they embark on this journey, they quickly find themselves in way over their heads. They plunge into a series of wild, comic, and adventurous situations. The narrative thrives on moments of engaging banter, outrageous physical comedy, and even some hair-raising yet comical encounters with wildlife. From battling rapids, evading a quartet of hillbillies, to an unexpected confrontation with British conquistador, Nigel, played by Rik Young, the film is a pageant of hilarity-infused series of mishaps and juvenile fun.

As they stumble across Mother Nature, both Zach and Ben learn important life lessons, realize the true meaning of friendship, and ponder about life and its essence. The duo comprehensively revamps their outlook on life and cherish their expedition, despite the countless obstacles they encounter. The comedic and action sequences are counterbalanced by more contemplative moments, bringing depth to the otherwise outlandish comedic premise.

British actor and musician, Oliver James, shines as Ben, the lovable goof who is driven by his romantic inclinations towards Heather, portrayed by the charismatic Madison Riley. His naiveté, enthusiasm, and imaginative bend of mind introduce elements of joy and confusion in equal measure. Zach, characterized by Kristopher Turner, is the pragmatic voice of reason. He provides a sane counterpoint to Ben’s often ill-conceived plans but is always there to back him up in any situation that arises.

Rik Young stands out in his role as the eccentric British squatter, Nigel, with a unique accent to match. His comic timing, coupled with his whimsical and outlandish character traits, adds a refreshing, energetic touch to the movie. Madison Riley playfully portrays the role of the elusive Heather, perfectly concocting a blend of charm, mystery, and cheekiness.

With a beautiful backdrop of wilderness and nature adding to the film's allure, the picturesque scenario serves as a character in itself, creating a stark contrast with the city life that these protagonists hail from. The contrast, in turn, underlines the chaos that this comedic adventure unfolds into, coupled with the characters' gradual transformation as they brave through the wilderness.

Without a Paddle: Nature's Calling is a delightful ensemble of humor, a love-struck voyage, and a testament to camaraderie. The film is filled with unassuming humor and a zestful narrative that leaves the audience with hearty moments to reminisce about. Although it doesn't shy away from its gleefully silly premise, at its core, it carries heartfelt themes of friendship, romance, and personal growth. It's a fun, light-hearted flick, perfect for a casual watch when you are in the mood for a breezy, comedy-adventure film that promises plenty of laughs. As a standalone sequel to the 2004 adventure-comedy, 'Without a Paddle', this movie provides the perfect chucklesome roller-coaster ride for a fun movie night.

Without a Paddle: Nature's Calling is a Action, Adventure, Comedy movie released in 2009. It has a runtime of 96 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.0..

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