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We Are Still Here is a 2015 horror film directed by Ted Geoghegan and starring Andrew Sensenig, Barbara Crampton, Larry Fessenden, and Lisa Marie. The story centers around a grieving couple who move into a secluded, old house in rural New England in an attempt to come to terms with the death of their son. Once they arrive, they begin to experience strange occurrences, leading them to believe that their son's spirit is still with them.

The film opens with Anne and Paul Sacchetti (Barbara Crampton and Andrew Sensenig) driving through the snow-covered countryside of New England. They are en route to their newly purchased home, a remote house in a small town that hasn't been lived in for 30 years. It quickly becomes clear that something is amiss. The town is ominous and unwelcoming, and the house is drafty and feels like it is constantly shifting.

No sooner have Anne and Paul settled in than mysterious and unnerving things start happening. Strange noises and inexplicable events leave the couple feeling unsettled and scared. They eventually reach out to their neighbors, Dave and Cat McCabe (Larry Fessenden and Lisa Marie), for comfort and advice. They soon learn that the town has a dark past and that their house was once the site of a tragic event. The residents of the town believe that the couple's presence has awakened a malevolent force, and they must act quickly to appease it.

As the activity in the house grows more violent and disturbing, Anne and Paul begin to unravel the truth about their son's death and the history of their new home. They find themselves battling the evil presence that has been unleashed, hoping to put an end to the hauntings before it's too late.

We Are Still Here is a slow-burning horror film that relies on atmospheric tension and suspense rather than jump scares. The film is masterfully shot, with beautiful cinematography and richly detailed set design that creates a palpable sense of unease. The performances by Andrew Sensenig and Barbara Crampton are particularly impressive, perfectly capturing the grief and vulnerability of two parents who are grappling with their loss and questioning their sanity.

The screenplay, co-written by Geoghegan and Richard Griffin, offers a modern take on classic haunted house films with a unique twist. While the story may feel familiar, the film's execution sets it apart from other horror entries. It succeeds in building dread steadily over the course of the film, culminating in a terrifying finale that will leave audiences on edge.

In summary, We Are Still Here is a gripping and atmospheric horror film that explores themes of grief, loss and the supernatural. With excellent performances from its ensemble cast, beautiful cinematography and a well-crafted story, it's a must-watch for fans of slow-burning, character-driven horror films.

We Are Still Here is a Horror movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 84 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.7. It also holds a MetaScore of 65.

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Ted Geoghegan
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